The Best Places to Skate Outdoors with Kids in Edmonton #yeg

Skating outdoors in Edmonton is perfect for those crisp days when it’s just cold enough to skate around the city. The first place to look? In your own neighbourhood. In one of the ponds on ours, there’s a hockey rink set up by local parents, with lights, goal nets and even a place to sit to tie on those skates. It would be perfect to bring along a jug of hot chocolate and spend a couple of hours being active.

City Hall 

Free activities and skate rentals going on every weekend, and lots of seating for families, City Hall is one of our favorite places to skate with the kids outdoors in Edmonton. In addition to easy underground parking access, you’re able to find close-by places to grab a bite to eat or a drink when you’ve finished skating and need to warm up.
Address: 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Victoria Park Oval 

The Victoria Park Oval is one of the most scenic outdoor speed skating tracks in Canada. Perfect for smaller kids that are just learning to skate, the Oval is well protected from inclement weather by its location in the River Valley and the surrounding trees.
Address: 12130 River Valley Road

While you are there, check out the new freezeway trail this year!

Hawerlak Park 

If you don’t have your own skates, Hawerlak Park is perfect. There are skate rentals and blade sharpening all weekend long, and it’s a kid-friendly space. There are many skaters are different levels, so you’ll fit right in whether you’ve been skating your whole life or just stepped on the ice.
Address: 9930 Groat Road

Legislature Grounds 

If there’s one place that you want to skate after dark during the winter, it’s the Legislature Grounds. Bundle up and bring your skates to enjoy the twinkling lights above you. The rink is open to the public daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. throughout the winter months, weather permitting. For more information call 780-427-4849
Address: 10800 97 Avenue

Lastly, check your local community league. Many communities maintain an ice rink that has the benefit of not only being close to your home, but also gives you the chance to get out and meet people in your neighbourhood.

Wondering where else to skate around the city? You can find the list of county maintained rinks in Sherwood Park, here and see the above on the list of Edmonton outdoor skating rinks, here.

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