Why Are Age Gap Relationships So Popular Nowadays All Over the World?

Perhaps there was a time when any couple where there was a marked age difference would set tongues wagging. If the girl was much younger, there might be gossip about ‘gold-digging.’ How about older women – sometimes nicknamed cougars – craving young male suitors? Old enough to know better? It’s time to ditch preconceptions and focus on the facts. Age-gap relationships have never been more popular. Here we’ll take a closer look into what makes these partnerships so successful right across the globe.

Why More Women Are Dating Younger Men?

When many females reach a certain age, they are far less likely to settle for a quieter life as previous generations might have done. They’ll still want to party. If they’re divorced or widowed, they’ll seek new experiences. Many young single males appreciate this. Let’s take the trend of guys in the UK eager to meet British MILFs in every way possible. More and more of these men will be turning to somewhere they know they’re guaranteed to meet a diverse range of gorgeous older women – on the Internet. There are a lot of sites out there catering to MILFs and cougars – so many, that whole websites have been set up to review these and suggest the best ones to join. They’ll assess their merit in terms of matchmaking features and user-friendliness, offering direct links to the registration forms.

Dating site as a place to find an older woman in any part of the world – from Britain to Australia

This increasing trend is prevalent in a variety of countries. From Eastern Europe to Latin America, Canada to Japan, male suitors are craving the attention of mature women they can trust. Going back to MILF dating websites, these outlets are so popular that newcomers can flirt with exotic females from foreign countries just as easily as the ‘cougar next door’!

Celebrities Are Setting the Trend!

The public eye is always focused on the world of movie stars and pop icons. When Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones got together, tongues wagged. Hollywood royalty Douglas was 25 years the beautiful Welsh actress’s senior. But they’ve shown how love conquers all. You suspect that as well as enjoying a wonderful lifestyle together, they’ll also be realistic about the future as Douglas gets older (his father, the legendary actor Kirk Douglas, reached 103!)

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

Clooney is the archetypal ‘silver fox.’ Maturity has given the handsome, gravelly-voiced superstar gravitas. Amal may be 16 years younger, but they are compatible in every way, not least with their shared passion for activism.

Emilie Livingston and Jeff Goldblum

Goldblum has enjoyed a lengthy career as a leading actor, while Emilie, 30 years younger, was a successful gymnast. They have been married for seven years and are very much in love.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Reynolds, star of multiple hit movies, is 11 years older than Australian actress/model Blake Lively (who rose to fame in Gossip Girl). They are a classic example of singles drawn together by compatibility and chemistry – two factors that will always outweigh age!

Many younger males have concluded that dating girls their age can be a superficial experience. They’d much rather connect with someone mature, a woman they can enjoy stimulating conversations with. And who is also likely to be financially stable! Cougars love chatting about all sorts of fascinating subjects. Forget about tittle-tattle. Reality TV? Hollywood gossip? Sure, they’ll touch on those topics, but they’ll prefer discussing art. Fine wines. Interesting indoor activities. If you’re single and seeking a relationship that will make you feel fulfilled – grab yourself a MILF!