Why Gaming is Now one of Society’s most Popular Pastimes 

Globally, there are approximately 3.09 billion active video game players. While going outside and embarking on an adventure in a wild environment also appeals, people are clearly enjoying the impressive array of gaming products that can be sampled in today’s world. In fact, gaming is growing so much that by 2024, the current 3.09 billion active video game players is projected to increase to 3.32 billion. 

Gaming’s growth doesn’t exactly come as a surprise to many. It’s actually entirely understandable when assessing the variety of enticing gaming opportunities people have in today’s innovative climate. For instance, gamers can jump between leading PC products like Elden Ring and Diablo IV, before catching Pokemon on a smartphone device outside, and then ending their gaming session on a tablet by exploring the popular 10000 Wishes slot, an Arabian-themed release by Microgaming. Simply put, the sheer amount of titles people can experience in 2023 is mightily impressive. 

While the games have undeniably improved and the gaming platforms we can now access with ease boast more power than ever before, there are additional reasons as to why gaming has risen further up the rankings to become one of society’s favorite pastimes. 

The perfect escape with no consequences 

One of the many reasons why people now turn to gaming in times of need is due to its ability to transport a gamer to a virtual environment and enable someone to switch off from any stresses that are occurring in the real world. Be it through a challenging quest as gamers explore an open-world product or by upping their skill level after hours of playing a particular title, gaming enables people to put their full focus into something that won’t impact them in the real world. Gamers can play away without any consequences and have an abundance of fun in the process. Unlike playing sport that can result in injury or having to leave the house to enjoy bowling, people can gain immediate access to an entertaining option that doesn’t have huge consequences should they lose, while also serving up strong doses of entertainment that are capable of keeping boredom firmly at bay. 

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Strong competition online  

Given the enhanced online gaming opportunities that can be made the most of in 2023, gaming audiences are able to sample a range of testing products. In fact, competition is fierce in many gaming titles right now, with the competitive esports gaming scene paving the way for gamers to turn their hobby into a profession. As such, in the same way that aspiring Premier League soccer players and heavyweight boxers can train to achieve their ultimate goal, gamers are hoping to reach the level of some of the competitive players that are earning millions through winning tournaments. Even if turning professional in a game like Fortnite or Apex Legends doesn’t appeal, competition is strong anyway. Online communities are filled with members who offer immense skill and serve up a stern test for gamers everywhere. The improved gamers of today also have a number of useful resources that gamers in the past didn’t have, from streaming platforms like Twitch to Instagram accounts that provide tips on specific levels. All this, and more, has contributed to a hugely competitive gaming environment right now. 


Whether it’s due to the emergence of smartphone gaming or even the likes of Netflix now offering a range of titles, gaming’s rise is also due to the accessibility of it. Offering an abundance of fun in seconds, options like smartphone gaming is affordable and requires a quick download to gain immediate access to a leading title. It’s that easy.