Why Starting Your Business Beats Winning a Lottery

A business is a profit-seeking activity that one conducts at one’s own expense, understanding all the risks.

The scariest word here that threatens unambitious people is risk.

Yes, you have to start and do the business at your own expense and understand that the money you put in may be gone and not bring results.

However, success awaits you if you make a sound business plan, work through the pros and cons of your business idea, and understand what you want to do and what to achieve.

Many people expect money to fall on them from the sky and do not take any steps to make money.

But this is the wrong decision.

The most effective way to make money, save money, and be proud of your paystubs is to start your own business.

Let’s look at some apparent benefits if we still haven’t convinced you.

It’s a source of steady income.

It is only possible to profit in business by working constantly and diligently. You have to generate new ideas and look for counterparties and suppliers of goods. In addition, small business owners are often faced with the need to do the accounting and generate paystubs themselves.

As you can see, being the boss and founder of a business is not easy.

However, your entrepreneurial activity is like a wheel running downhill – it’s tough to stop.

All processes are cyclical:

  • Selling goods and buying new ones
  • Hiring employees
  • Firing them
  • Finding new employees
  • Generating income and paying taxes

It’s hard to give up everything at one moment and finish the business you started.

It causes your profits to become permanent and grow month after month.

You can create your dream job on your own.

Think about the mood you woke up and went to work with when you worked in an office. Or are you still working there? You see faces you don’t want to see. You perform tasks that seem tedious and unnecessary to you or, conversely, too tricky and underpaid. You are daily summoned to your boss, who wants to see other results, and he is not happy with you. And all you wish to do is sing, paint, or play a musical instrument. 

You can and should refuse to work at a job you don’t like.

Life is too short for that.

Think about how you could realize the most significant strengths or skills. If you paint well, sell your pictures. Look for people as passionate about art as you are. If you have your audience to buy your paintings – you can sell art created by other artists for a percentage.

In that case, you will be doing what you love and working with people close to your heart.

Do you like to sing? Open your karaoke bar, where you can also perform.

Your opportunities are endless. They are limited only by your fears and insecurities.

Be a boss for yourself.

The worst thing that can occur at work is the mistakes you must answer to someone for. 

How often have you been afraid to tell your boss that you made a mistake in your accounting documents? Or maybe you were worried that the next client would be unhappy with your consultation and leave a bad review on the company website?

Your boss can deprive you of a bonus or fire you for a gross violation of labor discipline. He has the right to do so as the person who hired you and is higher on the career ladder than you.

You probably won’t like it. You may be fully aware of your mistake, want to correct it, and even make every effort. However, the management will already be unhappy and mark your gaffe in the memory for a long time.

The peculiarity of independent work is that you are responsible for your actions only to yourself and to your customers.

The reputation of your firm is directly linked to your actions and discipline. You must understand that you cannot succeed if you make missteps. But you will not have to justify your actions to anyone else.

Achieve financial independence.

It’s up to you to select how much income you will be able to generate as a result of entrepreneurial activity.

Your self-confidence, hard work, and determination will pay off.

Of course, in the beginning, you may not receive an income at all or receive too little. You may even think about quitting. But the more effort you put in, the higher your profits will be.

Please seek help from financial advisors. They can help you even if you don’t know how to grow your business further.

Once you reach a satisfactory level of income, you can use the money to grow your business and save.

Self-control over your work schedule.

Do you like to sleep in longer or wake up at first light? Are you uncomfortable with an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule in a stuffy office on a busy street? As a business owner, you can adjust your work schedule. You can even hire an assistant or manager to do some of your work for you or keep an eye on the rest of your staff while you’re away.

It does not mean that you won’t have to work at all. You will have to work, maybe even more than usual, because now you are working only for your results. The more you earn, the faster you’ll feel confident in your finances and be able to satisfy all your needs and desires.

We hope we’ve convinced you that having your own business and a steady income from it is better than any office job or even winning the lottery, which will run out of money very quickly. Now is the time to realize your niche. You can build on your skills or the needs of the market. You can also organize your work remotely, for example, by implementing your mobile business ideas. By taking advantage of today’s opportunities and the benefits that gadgets provide, you can start your own business effortlessly and secure your old age with it.