Writing Prompts and Journalling, How to Get Your Kids to Write

Encouraging children to practice writing, during a pandemic, is difficult. The majority of work that is happening is online, and done digitally through the use of a computer, and typing on a keyboard, so putting pen to paper isn’t something that comes organically as part of their daily tasks.
Finding ways to children to get the pen to paper is necessary – I mean, children have to learn how to write, and practice those skills to create neat, legible handwriting, and develop skills like punctuation, grammar and creative writing. So how can you encourage kids to practice writing at home?

Here are some of the ways to encourage kids to write – at home:

Travel Journalling

Are you planning a vacation or road trip this summer? Pick up a couple of small notebooks and encourage the kids to create a travel journal that will share the activities you do during the vacation, experiences, and thoughts. They can share observations about the places that you’re travelling, and even notes and tips for places they want to explore the next time they visit. Cheap and effective, it’s a great way to encourage kids to write, when they have nothing to write about.
Tip: even regular journalling is a great way to encourage children to write – you can even find journals that are filled with writing prompts!

Writing Prompts

You can find daily writing prompts online – whole lists of them, or you can create your own that are more specific to the interest of your child. From daily writing prompts, to WriteMyEssayOnline, you can find content for children to write, and read, that will encourage them to use their creative writing skills. You can find writing prompts online for every age, and every skill level, and every interest. Forming a sort-of, writing challenge, can be a great way to get kids writing on a consistent basis.
You can schedule the writing time daily, and make a fourteen or a thirty day challenge, and have a certain amount of time, or a certain amount that is to be included with the writing prompt. This way, children are writing every single day and they’re using those skills so they don’t suffer from the summer slide, or the pandemic-slide, when they’re writing less and less through distance or online learning.

Find their Interests

Find topics that they are interested in and encourage them to develop their knowledge by researching the topics, and then writing about them. Not only can they learn something new, but this technique will also teach them how to research topics, and create a full project about them. It’s easier to write about something if you’re passionate about thte topic, right?
Scheduling in writing time is a great way to ensure that the kids are getting writing practice, but also that it becomes a consistent part of their schedule, something that they become used to completing. Using these techniques, and having them watch you journal, or use your own writing skills, can help to get kids writing, use and expand the skills that they’re learning in school.