Your Kids Will Explore the River Valley in these Incredible Edmonton Summer Day Camps

Camp season is here – and like most parents, we’re researching camps where our kids can get out there, explore nature, and make the most of their summer vacation. The first place that we looked for our children’s camp experience this summer was out of town – there, they would be able to connect with nature, right?

Moms and dads: we’re looking too far outside of our own city for those experiences. We’ve got this incredible resource here in Edmonton with the River Valley for kids to explore nature through summer day camps. Not sure where to start?

Here are eight City of Edmonton camps to connect your kids with nature this summer:

Little Acorns
Ages: 4-5
This preschool aged, half day camp will spend time in the beauty of Whitemud Park, where they will play games, create nature based crafts and explore the outdoors. By the end of the week, all Little Acorns will have an increased appreciation and love for everything nature! Please note: all participants must be toilet trained and comfortable using the bathroom. Parents/guardians are not required to stay.
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Lil’ Chickadees
: 4-5
Wonder at the beauty of the forest, use all the senses to encounter local plants and animals, and free play among the trails and trees of the Nature Centre. Who knew living life as a chickadee was so swell?
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Nature: That’s Gross!
Ages: 5-7
Nature can be so Gross! Slimy worms that eat almost anything! Flowers that smell like feet to attract bugs! Paper made of poo! In this entirely outdoor camp, your camper will do science experiments with worms, dissect owl pellets and, visit the zoo to help and figure out Natures disgusting mysteries.
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Adventure Out
Ages: 7-10
Have map, will discover! In this entirely outdoor camp, we will focus on all the different tools and techniques there are to find our way. Orienteering, geocaching, mapmaking are just some of the ways we will explore our surrounding forest while teaching self-reliance and independence. Who knows, maybe we will even find some hidden treasure!
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Voyageurs: Ride the Valley
Ages: 8-12
Let your child experience a fun day biking on the River Valley Trails. Campers will learn how to travel in different types of road safety situations, and go on long trail rides in the beautiful River Valley. Campers will get a chance to visit some River Valley parks which will give them a chance to stretch their legs and play some fun outdoor games. Bikes and helmets will be provided.
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Stranger Nature Things
Ages: 8-10
Did you know that a woodpecker’s tongue wraps around its skull? This week your camper becomes a citizen scientist, observing nature and recording their findings. Each day an artist will work with them so that they can capture all the strangest things in their field journals. Watch out woodpeckers, we will find all your secrets!
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Frogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Ages: 11-13
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Frogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please be prepared to learn all about potions at the John Walter Museum, herbology with a visiting professor from the Muttart and how flight works at the Nature Centre. We await your owl to confirm your registration.
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You vs. the Wild
Ages: 11-13
In this exclusively outdoor, confidence-building, camp your camper explores all the different ways that the land can provide. They’ll learn survival skills like plant identification, shelter construction, and fire building. They’ll go on a full day nature hike and challenge themselves at the Snow Valley Aerial Park.
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There are even one-day options for parents that have a busy schedule or want to try out a day at camp, like the Explore Land and Water Camp where children will spend a full day exploring the River Valley via bike, canoe and longboard! You don’t even need any equipment, as it’s all provided!

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This post has been sponsored by the City of Edmonton – giving us the opportunity to share some of the incredible local camp programming with you. All opinions are our own.