Hard Luck Canyon in Whitecourt

You’ve got to Explore this Canyon 2 Hours Outside of Edmonton

Hard Luck Canyon is one of those road trip stops that we usually explore when we’re making a trip to the River Slides in Whitecourt, but it’s one of those stops that really warrants a trip of it’s own.

Whether you visit during the winter to explore the canyon and frozen snowscape, or during the summer where you can descend the small canyon in your swimsuit, and even the spring, for the waterfall on the side of the canyon during the wetter season – there’s plenty to explore and discover.

Hard Luck Canyon is easy enough for small children to explore, as the easy, loop-around trail is an easy five-minute walk through trailed forest but it’s also fun enough to spend a while exploring the area, the trails, and eventually into the canyon.

Hard Luck Canyon in Whitecourt

The descent into the canyon is easy enough for young children, toddlers might have a bit of a difficult time descending the final stairs into the canyon, as they’re quite steep.

Getting to Hard Luck Canyon

You’ll pass Whitecourt on the trip to Hard Luck Canyon, as it’s located just outside, in Woodlands County. Just under two hours in total, you can find the map to Hard Luck Canyon, here.