5 Trails for Spring Exploring in Edmonton and Area

With longer days and warmer weather, we’re starting to find more time between homework and bedtime to head out on adventures in nature. It helps to tire the kids before bedtime, give us adults the much-needed end of the day fresh air and encourages us all to get a little more of that adventure back in our lives – getting us back in touch with nature.

Here are a few of the trails we’ve been exploring lately, perfect for spring exploring for you and your family.

Dunluce Forest 

You’ll find the entrance to Dunluce Forest at 158 Avenue and 121 Street. It’s one of the largest remaining patches of natural forest within the developed areas of Edmonton and perfect for those spring time adventures when you’re just itching to get outside.

Braeside Ravine 

Braeside is one of those hidden gems, hidden away in St. Albert, a combination of trails and paths, with lots to explore and easy enough for little kids. Take Sir Winston Churchill Ave. Northbound, and look for the signs.

Kinnaird Ravine

Kinnaird is one of those ravines that you’ll hear us talk about over and over. You’ll find access to the ravine through Sheriff Robertson Park – or by using these directions and through the walk you’ll find things like an incredible old root tree, a section that looks like hoodoos.

Mactaggart Sanctuary

Mactaggart Bird Sanctuary is one of those places that aren’t generally busy, and fun to walk through when you want to hit a kid-friendly trail in Edmonton. It’s not paved, so leave the stroller at home and bring kids that can adventure and walk, but it’s worth it when you hit the creek. To access the trail, park in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill on 23 Ave and look for the bridge – start your adventure there.

Mill Creek Ravine 

Mill Creek Ravine is a tributary ravine system of the North Saskatchewan River Valley that winds its way north-south from Connors Road to Argyll Road (63 Ave). Our favourite starting point? Park right in the middle, at Mill Creek Pool, and head north or south for a different way to explore every time.

Use these trails as a few starting points to get out there and explore everything that our city has to offer. Find hidden forests, finding spring animals and adventure along the way. 


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