What You Can Do in the Middle of Edmonton’s Winter

While Edmonton is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations within Canada, winters here can be less than forgiving on occasion. The good news is that there are still plenty of ways to remain entertained even when the mercury outside falls well below zero. Let’s take a look at some innovative ideas that will enable you to enjoy all that Edmonton has to offer.

A Bit of Shopping

Why not pass the time by shopping? While there are many retail outlets found throughout Edmonton, the West Edmonton Mall is by far the most popular. There are more than 800 different stores found within its confines including popular brands such as Zara, H&M and Lululemon. You can also encounter many boutique shops and even an indoor waterpark. West Edmonton Mall is therefore a great idea for the entire family.

Action on the Ice

No visit to Edmonton would be complete without attending at least one Oilers game. The Edmonton Oilers are one of the most talented teams within the NHL and Rogers Place attracts millions of fans each and every year. You can also pick up branded merchandise such as Oilers clothing and accessories during your stay. However, be sure to purchase home game tickets well in advance; they often sell out ahead of schedule!

Stroll Down Whyte Avenue

Let’s remember that some winter days in Edmonton are downright agreeable if the sun is in the sky. This represents the perfect opportunity to appreciate the sights and attractions found along the flanks of Whyte Avenue. Arguably one of the most famous pedestrian thoroughfares within the metropolitan area, this trendy neighbourhood will certainly leave a lasting impression. Some well-known venues include The Next Act Pub, Bamboo Ballroom and the Cat Cafe. If the weather does indeed take a turn for the worse, many Whyte Avenue establishments offer free wireless Internet access. You can therefore play real money Canadian online slots on sites such as Spin Casino to pass the time. You might even walk away with a bit of extra money thanks to generous welcome bonuses and their selection of ongoing promotions.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo

This is yet another family-friendly attraction that should never be missed. The Edmonton Valley Zoo contains more than 350 animals and many of these species come from exotic locations. The zoo is open 364 days of the years (except on Christmas) and it has become known for a winter display known as the Zoominescence Festival of Light (a must-see spectacle for children and adults alike). The exhibits contained within this zoo are regularly rotated, so make it a point to examine their official website to appreciate what is being displayed before your visit.

We can now begin to understand why more than seven million tourists visit Edmonton each and every year. Whether for business or pleasure, Edmonton winters offer something for everyone. As always, be sure to plan well in advance to make the most out of what awaits.