Free Swimming – And Other Benefits of Edmonton Community League Memberships

Joining a community league in Edmonton gives you the benefit of being ‘in the know’ with the happenings in your local community, but also comes with some other pretty great perks.

What do community leagues do? Community leagues build playgrounds, halls, skating rinks and organize events and programs within the local community. If you haven’t purchased the affordable membership to your local Edmonton community league, here are a few reasons you’re going to want to take the plunge.

Free swimming admission | Many community leagues have free swimming for community league members, once a week at a local pool. Since it costs an average of $20 for the entire family to head out to the pool for a swim, and the cost of a community league membership in our area is $10, this is one of the our main motivators we had for signing up!

FunĀ events | pancake breakfasts, movie nights, drop in and play events, potluck dinners – these events have all been organized over the course of the last year through our community league. With the membership, the events are free, or come with a nominal cost, allowing us to have fun and get out and ‘meet the neighbours’.

Discounts | If you’ve got a community league membership, there are often discounts available. One of those discounts is the local program, Bricks 4 Kidz. You can save a few bucks off of programs like the Bricks 4 Kidz night out, with a community league membership.

Community Gardens | If you don’t have the space to create a garden at home, many community leagues have community garden space where you can plan, grow and take home vegetables grown within it.

Joining a community league comes with many perks, friends have attended cooking classes, for free, with childcare included, have attended free movie nights, yoga classes, attended walking and running groups – and that’s just a handful of the experiences that you can have if you join your local league.

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