Snow Valley Aerial Park Review (With Kids)

Snow Valley’s Aerial Park opened today, and it’s the first of it’s kind in the city, so we knew we had to head out and spend the evening adventuring, with the kids.

It’s a splurge for a family night out, at $162 for our family of four ($46 for adults, and $31 for the kids) – but the experience at the Aerial Park was so much fun that it made us look forward to the next time we head out to Snow Valley and explore the park, again.

Saving tip: Save at least $15 when you book your Family for an adventure. Booking must include a minimum of one adult and two minors and be sure to enter the discount code “family” and select “APPLY” on the right at check out.

For parents with children 3-6 years old, book the child ticket and a parent or chaperone can go for free. That means you can explore the 19 adventures of the children’s course for $26/3 hours.

What did we think?

The Aerial park was somuchfun. The price made me wince a little, but you get a three-hour span to explore the aerial park, and it left more than enough time to venture up to the top, if you’re there with older children.

We started off with an introduction about how to work the cables, and the click it belay system was simple to use, and felt very safe – even with our seven year old clipping and unclipping herself. One stays connected to the aerial park at all times, so you don’t have to worry about being unclipped at any time.

I was worried that the structure would feel crowded, but it was timed very well, and the groups were small enough that with the exception of actually getting up on the course, you don’t feel like you’re crowded or waiting to clip from one activity to another, or from the main course walks and stairways.

We split up, one parent going upwards with our more adventurous child and one staying down below, on the 3-6 year old ranked level. With 19 different activities to choose from and awesome things like walking across a kayak on one of the top levels or pulling yourself in a ‘minecraft cart’ as the kids called it, there’s plenty activities to keep you entertained through the whole three hours. Over the course of three hours, our seven year old and adult made it completely to the top of the structure, and back down again, tackling nearly every activity.

What about for the younger ones? We brought along a seven and five year old. For the five year old, we stayed on the very bottom course, just a few feet off the ground. There were courses of varying difficulty, from nets to climb across (and be rescued from by a staff member, if you’re that parent who failed miserably and fell off), ladders to walk across, small scale climbing walls that provided just-enough-adventure for children around the age of four and five.

There were activities for every skill level, of kids – but we feel like adventurous kids would get the most out of the splurge-worthy price tag to experience the Aerial park. For kids like our younger one, who spent about an hour exploring, and actually only went across five or so of the courses, we would say wait until they’re a bit older before you head out. For parents of younger children, you’re going to have the best experience when you’ve got at least one child to one adult.

Overall, the experience was really, really fun and unique to the city. We can’t wait to head back to the park and explore and discover even more of the courses that we didn’t make it to this time around. Would we go back? That’s a yes – we’re interested in learning more about season passes for the Aerial Park.

Bring water, dress comfortably with closed-toe shoes and wear a ton of insect repellent before you go to the park, and apply more while you are there, the mosquitos are ferocious.

Learn more, get tickets and get directions to the Aerial park at

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