5 Great Reasons to Take Your Family Camping This Year

Camping has enjoyed a renaissance since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With families searching for safe and simple vacation ideas, camping was the perfect way to enjoy family time while maintaining a safe social distance. While many camping die-hards have always loved to go outdoors, hundreds of thousands of families are rediscovering the joys of family camping. 

The quality bonding time and new adventures in the outdoors are just a couple of factors that make camping a great family vacation. Whether you are in an RV or sleeping under the stars in your rooftop tent from iKamper.com, there is no denying that camping is a great way to make memories. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the great reasons to take your family camping this year. 

Outdoor Education

It’s difficult for kids and adults to learn about all the natural world offers when living in a concrete jungle. Taking time in the wild is a great way for you and your kids to become enveloped in nature. Camping trips are always full of new learning opportunities. Teach your kids how to build a fire, make a camp, fish, and name the stars in the sky. These important life and survival lessons will stay with your kids for a lifetime.

Quality Time

Finding small pockets of time to spend bonding with your family and friends often seems impossible. When camping, it’s all about working together and uninterrupted quality time. With parents rarely seeing their children for more than a few segmented hours a day, camping away from all the world’s distractions is a great place to create bonds and memories. Having time to talk, connect, learn, and have fun together are just some of the bonuses of taking quality time together as a family. 


Removing technology can be a traumatic but necessary learning experience for you and your kids. Set aside your iPhones, Androids, tablets, and laptops for a few days and enjoy being in the moment with your kids. 

Skills Development

The global pandemic showed millions of people exactly how unprepared and uneducated they are in the face of catastrophe. The interest in sustainable lifestyles, solar energy, emergency prepping, and survival skills has exploded in the past few years. A camping trip with the kids is the perfect opportunity to learn some survival skills and put your lessons to the test. Teach your kids how to survive in an emergency and how to provide for themselves on their own. 

Creating Memories

Your kids won’t stay young forever; now is the time to make the connections and memories that will last a lifetime. Camping is a great adventure that melts away the fabric of time and modernization. Your kids will have many opportunities to try things for the first time, learn new skills, and make family connections. When these types of hallmarks are met, core memories can be made. 

Consider the impressive benefits of camping with your family this year if you want to make the most of your time together.