How to Plan the Perfect Muskoka Holiday

Are you excited for your upcoming holiday? Are you counting down the days until you experience luxury and fine dining at the Muskoka living apartments for rent? Taking time off to visit Muskoka will refresh your mind and clear your thoughts. You’ll be able to return to work ready to take on what lies ahead. 

If you are headed to Muskoka soon, these tips will come in handy as you plan your perfect holiday.  

Book Your Apartment Early

One of the best tips for enjoying a perfect holiday is to stay somewhere amazing. Muskoka is the most loved destination for domestic and overseas tourists within the central Ontario region for a dream holiday. According to a study by Muskoka 3.2 million people visit Muskoka annually. The striking landscapes, beautiful shorelines, and lakeside cottages make it a go-to place for many tourists. 

If you haven’t secured your Muskoka rental apartment yet, there is a risk that the luxury apartments will be booked out. Muskoka is always buzzing with activities. Whether the sun shines or the temperatures soar, you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay no matter what the weather brings. Call Laketree Properties and book an apartment as early as you can. 

Plan Out Activities

Write a list of everything you want to do while on vacation. If you are a structured individual, a to-do list will help you plan your vacation from end to end. Planning out activities will ensure that you have something to do every day. Without a plan, you may end up driving around Muskoka aimlessly and going back to your apartment annoyed. Having structure will make your vacation less stressful.

There are so many things to do in Muskoka. If you love craft beer, why not plan out a visit to the Muskoka Brewery in BraceBridge? You will get to enjoy the weekly trivia nights as you sip your favorite beer.  There is also a winery in Bala that is open all year round. Visit them and enjoy wine tasting and a delicious local cheese plate as you wind down your day.  

If your perfect Muskoka holiday entails doing nothing but relaxing, you can simply stay indoors and book a massage as you listen to soothing music. The Laketree luxurious apartments have spacious layouts designed to suit your unique choices. 

Leave Your Phone And Go Tech-Free

If you rely heavily on technology for work, then a Muskoka holiday is just what you need to disconnect from work for a few days. Turn off your phone and your laptop and experience the outdoors tech-free. If you are not glancing at your phone constantly, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking outdoors in Muskoka. You will enjoy interacting with the locals and sharing heart-to-heart stories rather than being glued to social media throughout your holiday. 

Notify Your Bank On Your Upcoming Vacation

Banks can freeze your credit or debit card if they notice frequent withdrawals and payments in a foreign country. This is why you should notify your bank or credit company of your upcoming trip before leaving. A simple phone call or email will save you the embarrassment of handing back your drinks or shopping because your card declined. Have some cash as well as not all places process payments through cards.