5 Of The Most Attractive Areas to Live In Toronto

As the most populous city in Canada and the seventh-largest city in North America, Toronto is a diverse city with much to see and do. As such, it is a fantastic place to live and make a life. But as with any large city, some attractive areas and areas are somewhat undesirable. If you’re planning to settle in Toronto but are unsure of where you may want to put down roots, here are five of the most attractive areas to get you started on your search.

Kensington Market

If you’re looking for a bohemian style of living, then Kensington Market is the place to be. This Downtown neighborhood has been designated a National Historic Site of Canada and is a Toronto icon. With a wealth of bars, restaurants, book and record stores, and more, day or night, there is always something going on in this historic area. There are good public transport links with a couple of streetcars passing through the area.

High Park North

High Park at 400 acres is the most extensive green space within Toronto, and on its northern side, you’ll find the residential suburb of High Park North. A good mix of housing options is available, from detached Toronto, ON homes to high-rise apartments. High Park North has managed to retain the feel of village living making it a nice place to decompress from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. With the park’s amenities close by, it’s perfect for getting outside in your spare time.

East End Cool.

If you’re looking to mix a cool, vibrant lifestyle with family life, the East End of Toronto could be the place for you. Leslieville has a wealth of independent shops, cafes, and bars, making it great for going out while also being family-friendly. If a coffee date for cake and a babycino with your preschooler sounds like a lovely way to pass the morning, this is an attractive option for you.

Casa Loma

If you have the money, then Casa Loma’s very visually appealing area is attractive in more than just its looks. It is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city and has a lovely wooded feel, thanks to the mature trees that are a feature. The financial and entertainment districts are close by, which further adds to the appeal of Casa Loma as a place for the well-off to make their homes in the proximity of the famous Casa Loma castle.


As one of the city’s older areas, there are various things to keep yourself amused with if you decide to live here. If beautiful older houses interspersed with leafy parks, boutique bars, and a more laid-back vibe are more you thing, then the neighborhood of Rosedale (and the adjacent Summerhill) is a beautiful area. Not as expensive as Casa Loma, it is still an affluent area, so do keep the budget in mind before you fall in love with this lovely place.