5 Secrets of Dating Older Ladies Looking for Younger Men

Men all over the world are crazy over older women because of how experienced and unconditionally hot they are. So, if you catch yourself thinking about how to find an older woman to date, you’re not alone! Here are five essential rules to remember if you want to treat your cougar right and make her happy.

1. If She’s into Younger Men, It Doesn’t Mean She Likes Them Immature

First of all, you need to show her that you’re an adult, not some teenager just looking for a quick sexual experience to tell your friends about. She has adult needs, and nursing a boy is not one of them. Nothing is more attractive to older ladies than a younger guy who can fulfill her needs like a real mature man. But you already have an advantage at this point. She’ll probably like you even before you open your mouth. Mature women are drawn to younger guys for the same reason so many men chase after younger women. They enjoy the youthful enthusiasm and zest for life younger people have. Older women are intoxicated by younger guys’ ambition and the fact that so much lies ahead of them. Mature ladies also relish the fact that young guys are not spoiled and broken like many of the men their age.

2. In Most Cases, It’s not About Serious Relationships

If you, like many people these days, seek partners on the Internet, you probably know how popular casual relationships are among older women. If you have met your partner on a cougar dating site, thinking that you’ll have something more than just a hookup makes no sense. Casual dating platforms for seeking older women are designed to connect people looking for no-strings fun. Women on these platforms are hungry for sex, not a serious relationship and the hassle that comes with it.

Your fling will end eventually, so don’t talk about a relationship with her. Don’t talk about how you want to be with her, your feelings, emotions, and how you fell in love with her until she does it first. Most older women seeking younger guys want to have a good time because a vast majority of older men are not in the physical shape to satisfy them. Women over 30 are at their sexual peak and physically crave more intimacy, so make satisfying her your priority.

3. Let Her Teach You Some Wisdom

No matter how popular among women you are, chances are she’s had more sex than you and is better at it. And that’s completely fine. Some men feel the need to impress their older partner in bed, trying to act as if they are a lot more experienced. But most of the time, such behavior leads to embarrassment and a ruined mood. Having less experience and knowing less about a woman’s body is okay, especially given that you are younger. So why don’t you let her teach you what she knows instead of pretending you know it all? This is a surefire way of making her feel good as well because she can teach you little things about her body and tell all the secrets on how to satisfy any woman. And girls in your future will be forever grateful to you. 

4. Don’t Forget She’s First and Foremost a Woman

No matter how confident and independent your older partner may be, you must always remember that she is, first and foremost, a woman. And any woman wants to be cared for, complimented, and treated with care. So even if you are meeting her for a one-night stand, remain a gentleman. Tell her compliments during the date, be courteous, and don’t make everything about sex the first minutes of the date. Be someone she can hold a conversation with, show interest in her, and she will repay you with the best night of your life.

5. Stay in Shape and Dress to Impress

And last but not least, considering that younger man-older woman relationships are mainly based on intimacy, make sure you keep yourself in shape and always look tidy. Women of all ages love well-groomed men, but it is older women who pay attention to details. If a younger girl can forgive you for your slovenly appearance, following the lead of her feelings and emotions, a mature woman will never tolerate a sloppy partner by her side. For her, you are an attractive man in the first place, a lover in the second, and only then everything else.

Being a younger man, you’ll have no trouble dating an older woman if you keep in mind the advice presented today. Nonetheless, it is important that you do your due diligence using people lookup tools (like this one) to stay safe from scams. Other than that, keep yourself in shape, act like a real mature man but never be afraid to learn something new from her, and you’ll see how easy it is to satisfy a cougar.