5 Tips On How To Extend the Life of Your Windows

High-quality windows designed by specialized manufacturers can easily last for about three decades- provided that their maintenance is well taken care of. Often homeowners spend a lot on their windows to ensure maximum longevity. 

But even the best quality windows can suffer damage, regardless of the material used to make those. Considering the high cost of getting a replacement window, it would be worthwhile to take care of your current windows. 

Fortunately, there are various things that you can do to ensure that your windows last longer. So, here are five common maintenance tips that you can try to extend the life of your windows.

1. Clean Your Windows At least Twice a Year

This is undoubtedly the most tried and tested method to boost the longevity of all kinds of windows. Make it a point to clean your windows twice every spring and autumn with a mild gentle soap diluted in water to ensure maximum protection.

In countries like Canada, where winters are quite extreme, spring cleaning often plays a critical role in getting rid of the dust that might have settled on your windows all through the winter season. Also, it ensures that any build-up of debris on the window frame and sills is removed, thereby, adding a few more years of life to your windows. 

However, winters often last longer in many parts of Canada like Edmonton, Trois-Rivières, Sherbrooke, and Sudbury, thereby, leaving you with little time for spring cleaning.

In such cases, it’s best to hire professionals who can help you with window cleaning in Edmonton, Sudbury, Sherbrooke, and other areas that receive heavy snowfall.

2. Lubricate Your Window Hardware Every Year

Jammed or stuck windows are often a nightmare and fixing them is often a Herculean task. Not only does it put you in an awfully precarious situation by reducing the number of exit routes in the event of a fire at your place, but also takes a toll on the life of your windows.

Therefore, take a moment every year to lubricate your window hardware like butt and strap hinges, cranks, and handles. This will ensure that your windows operate more smoothly and effortlessly. 

This way, you can keep a tab on the state of your windows every year, which will save you from any unnecessary repairs and undue expenses that you might have to spend on getting your windows fixed.

3. Check Caulk Joints Twice a Year

Window installation involves applying caulk or sealant around its perimeter to waterproof your home. However, caulk joints often get deteriorated and start cracking or peeling.

If your window seals show any signs of cracks or shrinkage, remove the old caulking and apply new caulking to prevent any infiltration through air or water. In areas like Edmonton and Sherbrooke that experience extreme winters, replacing old and worn-out caulking is a must to keep the inside of the house warm. 

Therefore, make it a point to inspect caulk joints at least twice every year.

4. Check Weatherstripping Every Year

Just like caulk joints, the weatherstripping in your windows may also undergo significant deterioration over time. 

The weatherstripping around the windows not only prevents any air seepage but also protects them from exposure to elements that can cause them to degrade over time. 

Replacing any damaged weatherstripping would ensure that there is no heat leakage or air infiltration. Doing this will make sure that your windows are guarded against moisture, which will prolong their lifespan.

5. Repainting

The last tip on this list is quite common i.e., repainting, provided you have wooden windows, of course. Painting your windows is essential for the upkeep of your windows and protects them from rust, erosion, and termites. 

In areas that receive high snowfall, wooden windows, gutter and panes can suffer significant damage because of the heavy snow. The optimal would be to repaint them once every three to four years. 

Doing so will not just protect your window frames from wind and water but also maintain their appearance.

Bottom Line

Window maintenance is quite easy and there is no dearth of ways to ensure that. While you can try all or a combination of a few of the tips mentioned above, keeping your windows clean will eliminate almost half of your window maintenance woes. 

You can either clean them yourself or reach a professional window washing company to do it for you. Remember that maintaining the windows at your home not just extends their life but also provides a safe and structurally sound home for you and your family. 

Moreover, it’d be worthwhile to devote some time to the upkeep of your windows rather than spending a fortune on getting them repaired or replaced later.

Nikolay Nikolov is the owner of Winducks – a friendly window and house washing company from Alberta, Canada. Nikolay is proud when he is able to help his fellow locals unclog and clean their gutters, clean their windows, driveways, eavestroughs and install their holiday lights. He loves what he does and his motto is to make the world a happier & cleaner place.