7 Things to Consider When Choosing an Edmonton Summer Camp 

There are many summer camps for parents to choose from when they’re looking for things to do with their kids this summer. Whether your kid likes sports, or science camps or you’re looking for an overnight camp, there are more than one hundred Edmonton summer camps that parents can choose from. 

Going to camp in the summer is an incredible way to make memories in childhood, but can also help to develop so many skills that are important. Kids going to summer camp can learn leadership skills, develop their team working skills and even learn specific skills, like outdoor education, with the use of camps in the river valley, the mountains or even in your own neighbourhood. 

What should you consider when you’re Choosing an Edmonton Summer camp? 

Use CampGuide.ca

First, consider the options. Use a website like www.campguide.ca to find summer camp options in your city. You can choose camps that are going to entertain the kids all summer, where they can try something new every week, or use a camp to offset a week where you might not have consistent childcare. 

What are their Interests?

Next, talk to your kids. Ask them what kind of camp they would like to attend in the summer. Find out what their interests are, and if they would like to try something new at summer camp or develop an existing interest. 

Camp Schedule

Check the schedule! You can find full camp listings for Edmonton summer camps on the website, and search through those listings to find the schedule that works for your family. There are week long camps, one day camps and even summer camps for overnight trips. 

Summer Camp Prices

Check the cost. Consider the cost of the camp. Though some summer camps can be as expensive as $80/day – without including any lunch or snacks for the campers, there are many low cost summer camps too. Local family organizations create low cost camps for families to entertain their kids during the summer, so if you’re looking for a budget friendly summer camp, that’s a good place to start. 

Read the Reviews

Look at camp reviews. Using camp reviews, you can tell what types of activities kids are going to do at summer camp. You can also learn more about the experience that the kids had at camp. You can use reviews that are written online, or talk to family and friends with kids of similar ages and see what types of summer camps, and spring bring camps, that their kids enjoyed. 

Go to an Open House

Go to an open house! Many camps have open house events for families. Use these open house events to learn more about the camp, get to know the staff working at the camp and find out more about the programming. Summer camp open house events are a great way for kids to get excited about summer, the camp, and start looking forward to going! You can even use these events to determine if your child is ready for summer camp

Bookmark a Resource

Use a resource like Camp Guide, where parents can learn more about the summer day camps and stay up to date with summer camps in Edmonton, and even find off season camps, like spring break camps. Finding all of the Edmonton summer camp options in one place can be tricky, but Camp Guide allows parents to have a whole city (and even options that are outside of the city) at their fingertips.