A Comprehensive Guide on Toronto: 10 Facts to Know Right Now

10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Toronto

If you have decided to move to Toronto, it’s a great choice no matter which location you have decided to leave behind. However, are you ready to live in Canada’s largest and most fascinating city? This article will help you to get prepared for your long distance or local move in Toronto. It will also be handy for those dwelling on the question, “To move or not to move to Toronto?”

Essentials to Know about Toronto

To be a Toronto citizen is a joy, but it is also a challenge. At least, you should be ready to meet three of them.

Fact #1 Weather

Expect hot enough summers with temperatures reaching 95°F (35°C.) Summer conditions are often characterized by high humidity and are sometimes accompanied by smog. Toronto winters bring heavy masses of snow. Daily temperatures rarely go beyond the range of 34°F-40°F (1°C-4°C.)

Fact #2 Languages

Toronto is a multicultural center. The two major languages are English and French. About 86% of city residents use only English for everyday communication, while a little over 9% of Torontonians employ both English and French. Only French is spoken by as little as 1% of the citizens.

You can hear a variety of other languages in the city, from fairly common Arabic, Korean, and Italian to quite rare Mandarin, Urdu, and Gujarati. In such districts as Scarborough or Etobicoke, you have every chance to meet people who speak neither English nor French.

Fact #3 Cost of Lodging

Your move-to-Toronto plan should, by all means, include a ready solution of where you are going to live. The city is definitely not on the list of the cheapest housing places. You’ll need to invest $1.5 million if you prefer to live in your own detached house. Looking for something more affordable? Only 10+ year-old condos may be a good bargain for you, but be ready to pay $400,000-$550,000 on average.

Other Thrilling Traits of Toronto You Should Know

If you are moving to Toronto, and your apartment is already waiting for you, and weather changes do not scare you away, you are one step from settling in one of the most terrific cities in the world. Toronto has everything to live, work, and entertain yourself.

Fact #4 Public Transportation

Toronto has an extended transport network. The city’s trams, buses, and subway are enough to travel around the entire megapolis. While the subway and buses run till around 1:30 a.m., the city trams are available around the clock! The city’s cycling network continues to grow, too.

Fact #5 Neighborhoods

Toronto occupies an immense territory. Yet, it is sectioned into hundreds of neighborhoods. These can be quite cozy and completely unique places to live in. Besides cultural peculiarities, each neighborhood offers one-of-a-kind architecture, eating places, fun programs, etc.

Fact #6 Underground Toronto

Did you know that Toronto has the PATH? This is a walkway system of over 30 km. About two-thirds of this area is located underground. Pedestrians can enjoy their favorite food in classy restaurants, go shopping, visit renowned places like the Hockey Hall of Fame, and entertain themselves in numerous attraction centers. The Toronto PATH is an excellent option in summer if your weather preferences exclude extreme heat.

Fact #7 Park & Gardens

Toronto is not the greenest city in the world. However, it has enough parks and gardens. The city’s largest green area is High Park. It’s one of the top-preferred places with residents and tourists for recreation.

Fact #8 Eating Habits

A multicultural city, Toronto provides a diverse culinary scene. Expect to access the richest choice of restaurants and cafes. The cuisine list includes French, Chinese, Mediterranean, Japanese, and many other cooking styles. Remember to visit the underground PATH to explore its amazing restaurant network as well.

Prepare yourself for tips of 15%-20% of the total bill expected in most eating places in Toronto. Pay attention that many of them will let you leave a tip via your credit card. However, having some cash with you on your way to a new food mecca in Toronto is a reasonable decision.

Fact #9 Key Shopping Destination

Toronto is home to massive shopping malls, among which the Eaton Center (over 200+ stores), Yorkdale, Centerpoint, and Fairview are only a few to mention. The city offers a myriad of separate stores. Among them, you can find fashion and jewelry boutiques, antique and curiosity shops, bookstores, galleries, and more.

Fact #10 Entertainment & Culture

Toronto never sleeps. Its hotspots include famous art galleries, theatres, cinemas, and museums. If you wish to explore the nightlife of Toronto, start with King West – the top-popular place for night restaurant attractions and clubbing in the city. Be sure to find an incredible atmosphere of friendliness and top-class late-night establishments in other arrears, like Parkdale, Little Italy, and the Annex.