A Journey of Flavors: Discovering the Delights of International Sweets

There is no person in the world who’d refuse a tasty sweet, particularly famous on an international level. The world is full of delicious desserts, and this summer is probably the perfect opportunity to taste some of them. Do your research, see which taste is best for your taste buds, and go on a journey. To facilitate this sweet task, here are some tips about the delights of the best international sweets.

Taste New Things

Along with internationally famous sweets, there are fresh sweets you can buy online or in a store near your home. Therefore, you can decide to buy a pick-n-mix online and taste the mixture of various sweets. This is particularly interesting for real sweet lovers who like to combine tastes. These sweets are always fresh, and you can enjoy your favorite ones by making your own selection. Also, if you like to share your sweets with dear people, you can find a big package so you don’t miss them for a moment.

Custard Tarts from Portugal

Many people say that one of the best cuisines in the world is in Portugal, yet it’s rarely mentioned. Still, there is a famous dessert in this beautiful country called pasties de nata. It has a specific taste and is made of crispy and flaky pastry and filled with creamy custard. People usually eat it warm with a bit of cinnamon for additional aroma, so it’s impossible to eat only one. So, if you’re going to Portugal this year, don’t miss it; it will delight your taste buds.

Creamy Tiramisu

This famous coffee-flavored dessert has many versions nowadays, but the original one should be tasted in Italy. This simple yet classic and tasty dessert is made of spongy biscuits soaked in coffee, layered between mascarpone cheese, eggs, and sugar, and traditionally tapped with cocoa. Tiramisu means pick-me-up in Italian, so do that if you go there. This dessert is light, and if prepared according to a traditional recipe, it will definitely satisfy the pickiest ones.

Gulab Jamun, India

This unusual yet tasty dessert comes from India, it’s internationally famous and similar to cinnamon buns soaked in syrup. It’s actually a small, deep-fried, delicious doughnut. Gulab jamun is made of a mixture of flour, milk powder, and yogurt with different flavorings before being rolled into a ball and deep-fried. Then, it’s soaked in a sweet syrup for a few hours for extra taste, so you can’t eat a bunch of them because they’re really sweet. Still, people claim that these desserts are small, so they eat them a lot, especially for festivals in India.

Deep-Fried Dough Sticks: Churros, Spain

As we’ve stated previously, churros are deep-fried dough sticks originating from Spain, but they’re popular across the world, and people make them everywhere. They’re mostly served in all cafes in Spain, so try them if you’re visiting this country. Churros are made from specific, buttery pastry in the shape of a stick and deep-fried in hot oil until golden brown, then sprinkled with sugar. They can also be dipped in chocolate, caramel, or some fruit sauce for an extra taste.

Lamingtons, Australia

Lamingtons are traditionally made like small squares of soft vanilla sponges covered in chocolate and coconut. Also, there are some variations, so they can be filled with tasty jam by sandwiching two halves. They are named after Lord Lamington, who was a significant historical figure in this country, and it’s said that this dessert was made because of the unexpected guests. The chef dipped leftovers of vanilla sponge cake in chocolate and coconut and created this tasty sweet by accident.

Baklava, the Middle East’s Famous Sweet

When we mention baklava, our taste buds react immediately. This is probably one of the most mentioned and internationally popular sweets originating from the Middle East, so if you’re going to Turkey this year, treat yourself to it; you won’t repent. Baklava is made of layers of thin pastry, butter, and chopped nuts covered with a sweet syrup with rose, orange, or lemon water. The history of baklava is disputed between Turkey and Greece, yet regardless of its roots, you can’t miss this delicious sweet.

Apfelstrudel, Austria

If you like desserts filled with fruit, this one’s for you. You can’t visit Vienna without tasting this thin, warm strudel with a delicious filling. Austrian bakers roll the pastry and say it must be so thin that you can read newspapers through it. This delicate dough has a sweet apple filling with bread crumbs, nuts, and raisins. Also, it’s commonly served with vanilla ice cream, so it will awaken all your senses.

Chocolate Mousse, France

Delicate and light, this is the dessert you need to try when you’re in France. This creamy dessert is internationally popular due to its light texture and the few ingredients necessary for complete enjoyment. Gallic chefs have been whipping up this mousse, which means “foam”, for a hundred years, and it’s still popular among sweet lovers. If you like something light yet rich, taste this beautiful dessert or try to make it at home; it’s not difficult.

Japanese Cheesecake

To taste the original Japanese cheesecake, you need to visit this diverse and beautiful country. There are various versions of this dessert across the globe, yet they can’t be compared with the original one. This creamy dessert has a light and spongy texture, so if you like this type of sweet, this one’s for you. The secret of this cheesecake is an unusual technique of blending beaten egg whites into a warm batter rich with cream cheese and vanilla. If you’d like to try making your own, watch for a characteristic jiggle and tender texture.

All these sweets present the country of their origin in the best possible light. Some of them are easy to prepare, while others require more skill, but you can learn that if you enjoy sweet treats. For that, when visiting a country and you love these things, do research about its famous sweets and don’t hesitate to try them. That will improve the quality of your trip, and you can always bring extra ones to share with your family.