Most Popular Dishes of Alberta – Alberta’s Food Guide For Tourists

For every food lover who travels to another place, it is hard to find a good place to eat. But thanks to countless blogs and articles that guide tourists about the best places in some locations, tourists are now able to enjoy a better stay at different locations. Alberta is also one of those locations that have been highlighted by tourist blogs for its food and unique culture. If you are a fan of cooking and eating fresh, then you should know about Chef’s Plate as they deliver ingredients and recipes that you can easily follow. If you are in Alberta or planning on visiting Alberta, then you must know what type of food you can get from different places in Alberta. There are many signature dishes from this city that are an absolute blast and you must try them at least once during your stay. Below is a list of a few of the best-handpicked dishes that you should try. 

Alberta’s Beef

If you are looking for something that is almost iconic in Alberta, then you must try the Alberta Beef. It is a beef-based dish served at many restaurants. You may be wondering why it is called Alberta’s Beef. If you think that it is because beef comes from cows in Alberta, then you are wrong. Beef for this dish comes from a neighboring town, but the meat processing factory in Alberta processes this meat. The meat that comes out of this factory is called Alberta’s beef and you can find tasty steaks cooked from this beef all over the place. It is one of the most popular dishes in town, so it is a must for almost anyone visiting. 

Bloody Caesar

The Bloody Caesar is a cocktail drink that is served at almost all of the restaurants in Alberta. It is one of the most famous cocktail drinks in Canada. According to some locals, it originated in Calgary and then spread to the entire country. The presentation of this drink looks out of this world. Not just that, it has a strong punch packed because it contains alcohol. Walter Chell, who invented this cocktail drink, is dead now, but the tradition and history of bloody Caesar are still growing. If you ask any Calgary resident or Alberta resident about cocktail drinks, they will suggest you must try it and once you do, you will realize why it is one of the most famous cocktail drinks in Canada.x

Bison Meat Dish

Bison were one of the species that roamed the land of entire Canada before the arrival of humans. There are still millions of Bison roaming the wilderness of Alberta. Indians and settlers both hunted Bison for its meat. Many Canadians still love the taste of Bison and that is why you will notice that restaurant menus in Alberta contain an option for Bison. Different parts of the Bison’s body are considered a different delicacy, from ribs to thighs everything is available at different restaurants in Alberta. It is one of the most famous meat dishes that you can find in the region.

Edmonton-style Donairs

You may have heard of doner kebabs, the Edmonton-style donairs are somewhat a derivative of that, but with an additional twist of bread crumb and beef. It is one of the most iconic and famous dishes in the Alberta region. Not only that but there is also a chain restaurant, specializing in Edmonton-style Donairs. It is one of the most famous eateries in the region and people love the variety and unique taste. It is something that everyone can enjoy and that is why many visitors to Alberta are keen on trying this. 

Ginger Beef

Another amazing dish that you can find almost anywhere in entire Alberta is Ginger Beef. It is a mixture of Chinese, western, and Canadian local foods. This blend is so amazing that you will lick your fingers after eating it. Not only in restaurants, but it is also available in many local pubs. You can easily order it and enjoy the heavenly taste of this dish. It is a combination of an ancient Chinese sauce recipe, combined with English beef. Not only does it has taste, but also has a rich history, which is why it is one of the most recommended dishes for any Chinese food lover in Calgary.

Onion Cake

It is also another Chinese-style food option that is available at many restaurants in Alberta. It is considered one of the most famous cake recipes in Alberta. Onion Cake contains bread and green onions, and they are often served with sauce. Due to their superior taste, many in the Alberta region even try cooking them at home. With more time passing, the craze for these onion cakes is still growing. It is one of the most recommended dishes for tourists on many tourism websites and blogs. 


This is one of the most iconic dishes of Alberta. This region has a lot of Ukrainian immigrants, who brought pieces of their culture with them to Alberta. Perogies are a Polish alternative to dumplings, which are also very popular in Ukraine. They are made the same way as the dumplings but the internal fillings in both of these are different. Perogies are made with dough that wraps a certain filling. It is a dish that is also readily available in most of the restaurants, pubs, and eateries in Alberta. 

Vietnamese Sub

This dish truly is a mixture of three different cultures. Vietnamese Subs are made with french baguettes, Vietnamese chilies, cucumbers, and English sauces. Most of these vegetables are imported by Vietnamese residents living in China and that is why this dish is found in many Vietnamese restaurants. It is one of the most iconic collaborations in food that brings out the best of three cultures, combining them into one, and creating a delightful taste. So, if you are visiting Alberta, you must try this dish.