13 Best Alberta Beaches and Lakes to Visit this Summer

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Best Alberta Beaches to Visit this Year

Devonshire Beach

Slave Lake. Devonshire Beach is one of these remote beaches in the province. We go at least once a summer to visit, and during the week, you’ve got the beach to yourself. One of the lesser known spots, you’ll enjoy the massive spread of sand, massive lake, and prime sandcastle building real estate when you visit.

Shaw Point Resort at Slave Lake

High River. Shaw’s Point Resort is located on the north west end of Lesser Slave Lake, and a beach day trip destination where you can play, swim, and even take advantage of boat rentals to get out on the water, beyond the soft sand. You can even rent one of the cabins, and stay the night.

Wabuman Lake

Wabuman is one of those beaches that we’ve mainly overlooked in favour of day trips farther away from the city, but we’re lucky to have a swimmable beach through the summer, with a playground on the beach, less than an hour away from home in Edmonton for the kids to enjoy. There’s a good stretch of sand, water for swimming and a playground and green space adjacent to the beach. Take your brand authenticated swimsuits by Legitgrails and let’s check the best beaches of Alberta” into the article

Floatingstone Lake

Floatingstone Lake features sand you could spend the day at, volleyball courts, a boat launch and a nearby campground, if you want to make it a camping adventure with the whole family. It also makes for a great scenic environment for the family & a great opportunity to snap some pictures for Instagram, views like that are sure to get you more likes & engagement overall.

Cliff Jumping Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake is one of those hidden places, tucked away outside of Jasper. The trail is marked but if you’re not looking closely, you’ll miss it. Though it’s not officially an activity that the location suggests, it’s so much fun. There are small ledges and cliffs of all sizes to jump off of, into take-your-breath-away cold water, so we suggest visiting on a very hot day. Even young children (if they’re brave enough) can join in on the fun, just ensure that they’re jumping in safely.

Long Island Lake Beach

Long Lake. One of our kids favourite parts of Long Island Lake Beach is the playground, right on the beach. The playground, giant tires and sandy beach is a day use area as well as a campground, so be sure to check ahead of time when visiting this summer that the day use area will be open to guests who aren’t camping in the area. If you’re looking for a getaway close to the city, with soft sand and swimmable water, Long Island Lake is a great choice!

Kinosoo Beach

Cold Lake. Kinsoo Beach is one of the only beaches that we’ve ever been to because of the epic zipline on the beach. Though it may not be open this year, it’s one of the reasons to visit this beach in Cold Lake with the kids. The spray park, kid-friendly roped off area to swim, and the fact that you can pack in a full day trip from Edmonton are three of the reasons that it makes our list for one of the best Alberta beaches for families.

Kinbrook Island Provincial Park

Near BrooksAt Lake Newell, there’s a huge, man-made lake, a fantastic campground, with fun for the kids in the form of a playground close to the beach, this is one beach you’re going to want to explore. The sand can be rocky, but the water is clean, and it’s a perfect way to cool off if you’re exploring Alberta this summer. Plus, you’re a hop, skip and jump away from Dinosaur Park.

Walk Across Jasper Lake

Jasper. If we had to recall summer traditions on one hand, walking across Jasper Lake would be one of them. Well, almost-across, since we didn’t make it all the way across the first two years with the kids. You’ll find Jasper Lake about 30km outside o Jasper

Ebeling Beach at Gull Lake

Gull Lake. Just two hours away from Edmonton, you’ll find a sandy oasis at Gull Lake. It’s a great kid-friendly option for young families because the water remains shallow for what feels like forever until you reach the lake. In addition, there’s a playground near the beach for kids to run back and forth between, and warm water, with concession on site (in case you forget something at home).

Goldeye Lake

Near Nordegg, there are lakes, and lakes, and lakes, and lakes. Goldeye Lake is only one in the area that you’ll find with sandy beaches, perfect for exploring. You could start at Goldeye, find local lakes in the area, and make your own private beach at one of the lake shores. There’s a conveniently located campground, on the beach.

Quarry Lake

Known to the locals in Canmore as the place to cool and one of the best Alberta beaches off during a summer day, Quarry Lake will do the trick to keep you cool if you’re visiting this summer. The rock and sand beach is a small lake, but

What’s the best Alberta beach you’re exploring this summer with the kids?