Best Methods to Speed Up the Hiring Process

The existing basis for any business is not only money. Time and people are essential for a company’s regular and effective functioning. Companies can use hired labor or turn to an independent contractor. If you choose the first option, this information is for you. 

Experienced and professional workers will lead a company to success. Without them, the company is nothing. At the same time, the boss should have enough time to control not only his work but also the work of his subordinates. In addition, he must develop a strategy for further development and sometimes even be an accountant for his business and write out paystubs. It brings a lot of time, so wasting such a vital resource is not wise.

One process a business can optimize is hiring. Just think about how many days it took to hire one of your last employees. How efficiently was that time spent? What of the hiring process could have been done differently?

Since time and people resources only work in combination and strongly influence each other, here are a few ways to speed up the hiring process for your company.

  1. Understand who you need 

To speed up your candidate selection, you must first get the job posting right. It is necessary if you need someone specific with a particular skill set, the best candidate, not the first employee you see. Treat the job posting as a sales text. This text should sell the job at your company to the best person. 

To get the job posting text right, take turns answering the following questions:

  • Who are you looking for, and what should they be able to do
  • What functions the employee will perform, and what will not be part of their job duties
  • What work schedule the employee should be subject to 
  • What skills you will see as an asset
  • Whether the job involves performing any tasks outside of work hours and how often
  • Whether you can work remotely or with flexible hours
  • What kind of working conditions do you provide, and what the person gets at their workplace
  • What pay conditions do you provide, and what social guarantees do you supply?

Also, specify how working at your company will significantly differ from other companies in this field. Such a detailed job posting will respond to the candidate who perfectly fits all the above points. You won’t have to waste time interviewing people you will never hire.

  1. Use social media

To make the existence of a vacant job known to a larger audience of people, take advantage of the options that social media has given you. To interest professional and experienced experts for your company, your business must have a strong and easily recognizable brand. In addition, you should be known as a good employer in the job market. It will be advantageous if you can interest the best minds with a high and competitive salary and social compensation. When creating a job posting for any social networking site, specify the candidate’s desired skills and experience requirements and the most important duties to be performed. It’s best to create a small ad and use short sentences.

  1. Pay attention to the candidates’ engagement.

An outstanding professional gets several dozen job offers. How does your company want to stand out among so many employers? We’ll tell you precisely what doesn’t work. 

The standard set in the form of cookies, tea, coffee, comfortable chairs, and other things will surprise no one. As statistics show, the leading role in choosing the place of work belongs to the salary size. 

The candidate is looking for a job that can satisfy his interests. On the other hand, the employer has his own goals and objectives in finding an employee and wants to achieve them. A healthy work environment that balances work and personal life and strong corporate culture will be additional positive factors influencing job selection.

  1. Make the interview as simple as possible.

Don’t over complicate simple things. Why would you scare away real professionals with unnecessary and meaningless questions? Carefully review the candidate’s resume, and ask what matters to the position offered to him.

A job interview is stressful for anyone. Start the conversation as neutrally as possible to put everyone involved in the process at ease. You choose the person in the first place and the professional in the second. This person must have excellent communication skills, not in the resume but life, to successfully pass the adaptation in the team.

Try to get to know the candidate and their expectations of working with you at this meeting. After all, the employee also chooses his employer.

There are some matters that you should not discuss. Never ask the following questions:

  • What nationality are you?
  • What religion do you practice?
  • What are your political views?
  • Tell us about your health status? and so on.

Such questions are unacceptable. You should only assess a candidate’s experience and credentials.

  1. Use Technologies.

To get the best talent, you need to use all possibilities. If you are interested in one candidate’s resume, your task is to contact and interview him as quickly as possible. One of the challenges can be the candidate’s geographical distance from your company’s location. To overcome the space, use a video call.

Invite the person to contact and interview remotely. This way, you can significantly speed up the recruitment process. In the time that elapses before the interview, the professional will not have time to consider other competitors’ offers or give up the idea of looking for a new job. 

Previously the video interviews only happened because the potential employee lived far away and couldn’t show up at the job location or if he was still working at his previous job. Now, however, people understand all the benefits of using technology in their daily lives, including hiring, so that no one will negatively associate with the thought of a remote job interview.

There are also a few non-obvious benefits here:

  • You don’t have to prepare a separate meeting room in advance;
  • All interviewees can be in different locations that are convenient for them at the time;
  • If a recruiter conducts the interview, he can record the meeting and show it to the manager later.

Using the above tips, we hope you can close a position quickly and that the best talent will soon become part of your team.