Day Trip: Bring the Kids to River Slides in Whitecourt

Day Trips are one of those staples of summer. Finding those hidden gems around Edmonton that are close enough for a day trip, and far enough to discover something new is actually quite easy – because fortunately, there are many options close to Edmonton.

Whitecourt River Slides 

There are two tubing courses in Whitecourt, shallow enough for the kids to go down on their own (our three year old handled it just fine) and walk back up the side again, with their siblings, or their parents. The man-made tubing course can be quite busy during the summer months, but it’s never too busy that the kids (or you) have to wait in line.

Heading to Whitecourt? Here are some of our tips to make the River Slides a success: 

  • Bring your own tube. There are sometimes tubes available at the small concession stand, but bringing your own is going to be less expensive and is going to ensure that the kids don’t have to share. We like to bring a small extra tube (like the extra one we picked up at Slide the City) just in case one gets a hole in it, from being dragged back up the tubing course.
  • Don’t forget a pump for the floatie – if your kids are anything like ours, the four feet pretzel floatie they requested is going to take you way too long to blow up using your own breath.
  • Bring a blanket and chairs. There are lots of grassy areas to sit with the kids (and even some with a bit of shade) but bringing a blanket and chairs ensures that you’re going to be comfortable.
  • Get in – get in the water with the kids. Go down the course a few times and you’re going to be cooled off. The course is deep enough for adults to get a little wet, making it perfect for the family (or going down with your kids, like the photo above).
  • Bring a cooler. Bring a cooler with drinks. Though there is a concession, you’re going to want to save room in the budget for additional day trips, so a cooler filled with snacks and drinks is going to save your summer budget.
  • Get there early. The drive is just over an hour, so take this into account when you’re going to leave. Get there early in the day, or after five, to snag the best spot.
  • Plan to spend the day – and explore some of the other places in Whitecourt that we recommend on the same trip, like Hard Luck Canyon.
  • End with the spray park. At the end of the day, bring the tubes over (and the kids) at the end of the day and stand under the giant dumping bucket. Rinsing off the tubes (and the kids) means less sand is going to end up in the car on the way home. There’s also a fantastic playground for some non-water play, you can easily spend the entire day playing!
  • Closures happen on Wednesdays during ten and noon for maintenance, factor this in when you’re planning your trip on the slides.
  • Two slides to choose from, one a little faster than the other, with fewer twists and turns, make it so that kids rarely have to wait to go down. For smaller kids, choose the slower side, with more turns.
  • Wear water shoes for more grip when you get to the bottom, especially for little kids. Getting in and out can be a little slippery if you’re a tiny person.

Just over an hour from Edmonton, use these directions to get to Rotary Park in Whitecourt and enjoy your time at one of the fun and free day trip ideas from Edmonton.

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