The Essential Alberta Travel Experiences for 2022

After a bumpy couple of years, Alberta’s tourism industry is bouncing back. Visitor numbers both domestically and from overseas are rising, as adventure-hungry globetrotters seek to uncover the unmissable experiences that our region has to offer.

With lower prices than other provinces and some of the best nature that Canada has to offer, Alberta is the place to be in 2022. If you’re planning your dream trip to Alberta, you have come to the right place. Check out this round-up of the essential travel experiences that await you here.

No trip to Calgary is complete without experiencing Banff. One of the largest and most iconic national parks in Canada, Banff is an experience like no other. You can enjoy an incredibly opulent stay in one of the park’s five-star resorts, complete with sumptuous apres-ski and spa offerings. You could also try slumming it, by setting up your tent in one of the park’s official camping grounds, equipped with everything you need to see the majestic sites of this ancient woodland.

Spend a day at the lakes

When summer strikes, Albertans head straight to the lakes. When you’re in the area, you should do the same. Alberta is home to some 600 freshwater lakes, including some of the largest in North America. Our lakes are clear, crystal-clear, and ideal for a swim or a quiet fishing trip. Some of our favorite spots include Lake Louise, Peyto Lake, and Maligne Lake. The choice is yours.

Try a glitzy casino weekender

Alberta has a long and storied history of casino resorts, with most gambling activity being controlled by First Nations. You’ll find a huge range of glamorous rural casino resorts, offering everything you need for a sumptuous and excessive gambling getaway. The main fare on offer is poker, as well as blackjack, slots, and roulette. If you’re new to poker and want to learn the ropes,

it’s worth doing your homework first. One resource that can help is Bodog, an international online casino. You can have a look at their poker site for in-depth beginner tutorials on how to play poker so that you come to the table prepared.

Get your fill in Calgary

When it comes to urban destinations in Canada, too many travelers make the mistake of skipping Calgary in favor of better-known destinations such as Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver. However, this is a mistake you don’t want to make. Calgary is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, home to a buzzing foodie scene and a unique culture that will make you feel welcome. If you do one thing in Calgary, make sure to eat. There is a huge range of buzzy, unmissable restaurants, many of which offer innovative fare at much lower price points than in other Canadian cities.

If you’re heading to Alberta in 2022, these are the must-do experiences to have on your bucket list. And if you weren’t already planning on heading this way, we’re sure this teaser will have changed your mind.