Everything You Should Know Before Moving Away from Canada

Everything You Should Know Before Moving Away from Canada

Canada is a beautiful and prosperous land. That means that moving away from Canada can be a major culture shock. Whether it’s a new opportunity or a lifestyle decision that’s leading to your move, there are a lot of things to know about and consider before you leave. So let’s run through some of the most essential considerations before you leave Canada.


Health Insurance


Canada is blessed with affordable, high quality health care. Often looked upon by the rest of the world as one of the best private health care systems available, you may have to be ready for a significant change in your new country of residence.


There are plenty of great health insurance options for Canadians abroad, which will help you to feel safe and comfortable wherever you go. Compare all of the available policies to find the best deal for you, and take that slice of Canadian health care with you wherever you go.




Canada is lucky in its fantastic employment rates. While unemployment rises across the globe, Canada remains largely unaffected. That means that you’re more likely to find a job in Canada than a lot of the rest of the world, that’s why so many people emigrate! Will that impact your decision?


If you’re moving for a job, then consider how much you really want the job, and think about your future prospects after taking it. Will it lead you on a path that excites you? Or will you become bored quickly and want to move on? If you’re moving with the hopes of finding a job when you arrive, then perhaps reconsider and look for a job before you leave. This will make your transition far more smooth.


Crime Rates


One of the many benefits of Canada is its very low crime rates. With some of the lowest crime statistics in the world, you may want to prepare yourself for wherever you move to, just to be sure that you’re ready for what the rest of the world may bring.


Do some research into the statistics of the places you’re considering moving to. This is not intended to scare anyone, instead, it’s to avoid you moving to a new country and leaving your front door unlocked, as you may have done back at home, and coming back to find your house burgled. It’s a matter of being prepared and thinking ahead.


Language Barrier


Are you moving to a non-English speaking country? Perhaps you know some French Canadian, but that is so different to European French that it may hardly help you outside of Canada at all! So, you’ll need to be prepared way ahead of your move.


Put the hours into your language practice, the only way to improve is by doing it regularly, so start a schedule and stick to it. The more time you commit to the language, the better your results will be, and the better you can speak the language, the better time you’ll have in your new home country. You can use one of the many apps or online services to learn, of you can even employ a language tutor to help you learn faster!



Leaving Canada can actually be quite expensive. This isn’t only from the travel, visa, and packing costs, but also from the infamous Canadian Departure Tax.


Departure Tax is paid upon leaving the country, as you are considered to have sold and reacquired certain properties when you leave. This doesn’t have to be the end of your dreams of moving abroad! Rather, it’s something to consider and be ready for, so that the sudden tax doesn’t catch you off guard. Start planning and saving for your departure now, that way you’ll be able to account for any nasty surprises along the way.


Canadian Friendliness


One of Canada’s biggest stereotypes is how nice and friendly everyone is, and it’s true! Especially compared to many other parts of the world, Canada is an extremely friendly place to be! If you’ve grown up in Canada, you’ll consider this normal, which means moving abroad may shock you!


This isn’t to say the rest of the world is mean, but rather that there’ll likely be some cultural differences around the globe that you should be aware of before you go. Do your research into your new culture and do your best to assimilate and live a normal life in their shoes.



Canada is full of opportunities that attract people from around the world. If you’re set on leaving, then make sure you’ve done your research and you’re doing so for all the right reasons. Moving abroad is a brave and scary decision, but if you follow all these steps and organize everything properly, there’s no reason why it can’t be the best decision of your life.