Explore the Arctic, Go on an Amazing Race and Get to Know Real Life Superheroes at Kepler Academy Summer Day Camp for Kids

Explore Summer camp programming at Kepler Academy

Summer camp season is nearly here, and that means that parents like you and I are searching for camp programming that is interactive, thoughtful and engaging for our children. New to Edmonton this year and operating summer camps out of two of three locations (Westlink Park and College Plaza), Kepler Academy has created programming that checks all the boxes, and is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Register now for camp sessions through July and August, in three different themes.

Summer Camp Module: Amazing Race 

  • Create their own passport
  • Study maps and search for clues in teams
  • Follow clues to “travel” to different countries like Spain, Egypt, Columbia, New Zealand and Uruguay and exploring each
  • Make flags for each country they’re traveling to
  • Problem-solve roadblocks they run into along the way
  • Collect objects along the way, such as items with different textures and shapes (pinecones, something fuzzy or smooth)
  • Learn about what makes each of the countries unique
  • Gather their findings and create a presentation of the journey

Summer Camp Module: Arctic

  • Learn about icebergs and glaciers, what they are, how they form and how they affect land and people
  • Explore the beauty and science of the northern lights
  • Step into the culture of Eskimos and how locals in the Artic live, including the use of Inuksuk
  • Learn about famous polar explorers
  • Dive into the Arctic Ocean and study it’s importance
  • Analyze different plants, animals, and trees and what makes all of them unique
  • Discover the unique geography of the Artic and Antarctic, the Arctic Desert

Summer Camp Module: Real-Life Superheroes

  • Learn about incredible real-life superheroes, like Terry Fox, Carrie Best, Rick Hanson, Rosemary Brown and Kevin Vickers
  • Explore values of a superhero, like honesty, courage, loyalty, tolerance, self-restraint and respect
  • Ask who their own superheroes are and why
  • Get out into the community to clean up parks and visit the Stollery Hospital
  • Meet every day superheroes police officers, firefighters, war heroes, emergency responders and local officials
  • Talk about unlikely heroes like children, animals, and persons with disabilities
  • Explore their own superhero potential and how to make a positive impact in their city
  • Build long-lasting friendships

Register for Kepler Academy Summer Camp

There are three ways to register for kids summer programming at Kepler Academy: Online: kepleracademy.ca/registration, via E-mail at: info@kepleracademy.ca and by phone: 780-700-9427.

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