Five Canadian Forests Worth Visiting for an Unforgettable Adventure 

For people chasing a memorable day trip or a fun weekend away in a rural area, some of Canada’s lush forests represent the perfect opportunity. Thankfully, for Canadians or visitors to the country, there are some wonderful wild areas that are worth exploring, with people regularly frequenting some of the country’s most popular forests. 

Home to almost 10% of planet Earth’s forests, Canada is more than capable of catering for an unforgettable escapade in this area. Whether you want to camp under the stars or hike in a picturesque landscape, there is a selection of vast and wondrous destinations for people to enjoy. Some forests also contain the type of wildlife you’ll see in a BBC documentary with David Attenborough, while others provide a dark and magical feel that is felt in popular games like Forest Spirit by 3 Oaks. For outdoor adventurers, Canada oozes natural beauty, with many of Canada’s forests being recently protected and offering outdoor enthusiasts with plenty to get stuck into. 

If you’re keen to traverse one of Canada’s many stunning forest destinations, then below is a look at five of the best of them. 

Birch River Wildland Provincial Park, Alberta

Kicking things off with one of Alberta’s very own, Birch River Wildland Provincial Park is beautiful. Home to bison and birds, as well as lush greenery and gorgeous waters, this popular park is perfect for camping and hiking throughout the year. While it’s only accessible by bush plane, it’s definitely worth the small effort in getting there. You’ll create memories for a lifetime in a rural environment that is protected by various organizations that do some admirable work. 

Backus Woods, Ontario

One of Ontario’s most amazing locations, Backus Woods, is a habitat for an abundance of wild creatures and greenery. Home to swamplands, old trees, and at-risk species, embarking on an exploration mission in this eye-catching environment is something people with a passion for the outdoors do on a regular basis. Famed for its biodiversity and its rich cultural history, this alluring destination is hard to fault. 

Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park, British Columbia

If you’re ever in British Columbia, then a visit to Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park is a must. Filled with waterfalls and snowcapped mountains, this truly stunning location is worth exploring in great detail, with this much-loved area boasting plenty of things to see and do. Accessible by boat or seaplane, this pristine park is home to a large population of wildlife and offers unrivaled natural beauty. 

Green Mountains Nature Reserve, Quebec 

A popular destination that can be frequented by venturing to Quebec’s Appalachian range, the Green Mountains Nature Reserve is easily one of Canada’s very best forest locations. Walking through the forest is magical, and the area’s wildlife will keep you company on your journey, with hikers likely to come across moose and bears. It’s a fantastic forest to adventure through. 

Banff National Park, Alberta 

Another one of Alberta’s finest, Banff National Park, features immense and breathtaking wilderness that has been explored by people who love the outdoors for years. While the forests are the focus of this particular article, setting aside some time to take in the Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site is well worth doing. Before or afterward, you’ll then be able to traverse a location that is packed full of great hiking trails, it offers glorious scenery, and you can even refuel at Lake Agnes Tea House if you’re in need of a bite to eat along the journey. Taking a trip to the top of Sulphur Mountain is also something you definitely have to do.