Get ‘Peppa Pig: Sports Day’ App for FREE Today (Regular $2.99)

Peppa Pig – it’s Peppa Pig on repeat around here, on the regular. You know what else is on the regular around here? Screen time. 

It’s as simple as we’ve got multiple kids to try and corral, and so during ‘learning time’ you can bet you’ll find a toddler on an iPad. 

Finding games that you can download without any additional costs to unlock are like finding gold, and finding a Peppa Pig game, that’s even better.

The Sports Day app includes a variety of mini games, ice cream making, an obstacle course, Long jump, tug of war and a bicycle race. It kept our toddler well occupied for the full forty-seven minutes we did schoolwork today, and she was asking to play it again when we were finished. 

For a limited time, the regular $2.99 cost of Peppa Pig: Sports Day is waived, and you can download the app, for free

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