How to Choose a Great Paint Color for the Interior of Your Home

Are you looking to paint the interior of your place? There are so many factors to consider like choosing the correct quality house painter in Edmonton or selecting an appropriate interior color and finish to complement your home best. It can be both exciting and puzzling as you will have hundreds of colors to choose from around you.  How can you make this choice easier? There are 2 ways: 

First option is getting help from a professional interior painter. They have the knowledge and expertise to  help you to choose colors and ensure that you enjoy a stress-free and high quality paint outcome. 

Second option is to use the guidelines below. 

Before choosing the colors, it’s important to think of the effect you would like to create in each room. The living room area can be inviting or calming, the bedrooms restful and peaceful and in the kitchen you can use the colors that improve appetite (or may be suppress it? it’s really up to you).

Once you choose the emotion you would like to instill in each room, the next step is to choose colors that support it. Cool colors (blue, green and clean white) are usually perceived as soothing and relaxing. Warm colors in turn can create a feeling of expansion, warmth and excitement, but avoid colors that are too bright, like bright orange for example, so you don’t get an overly dramatic feeling of the room. Red and yellow improve appetite and can be used in the kitchen.

Earthy colors – grey, brown can be grounding and calming and all natural colors like black, white, brown, grey and near natural like olive green commonly symbolize relaxation and tranquility. Dark greys however can be seen as mysterious and sophisticated. 

For kids rooms neutral colors are great as well as light colors like pale green, sea blue, lilac or light pink. Yellow is great for areas where they do their homework as it stimulates the brain and energizes. 


How bold should your wall colors be? It depends on the goal you have in mind. Light colors create a background for decor and blend with other colors easily. Bright or saturated colors create a bold statement and you might choose it for an accent wall. 

If you are still not unsure about which colors to use or would like to make sure the colors compliment your existing furniture you can get colour advice from your local interior painting company. The professional painters are experts at choosing the tones that work best with your interior design. 

Now that you have the perfect color selected, the next question to ask is which type of finish is the right option for your home. A high-gloss and semi-gloss finish offers features such as durability and ease of cleaning, so it is a great option to use in kitchens and bathrooms. A satin finish is easy to clean and can stand up to traffic, so its best application is in living rooms, bonus spaces, and childrens bedrooms. An egg shell finish looks clean and smooth – so it’s a great choice if you’re looking to make a change in your dining rooms. A flat and matte finish offers a high pigmented wall coverage. Because of this, paint with this finish requires less coats and is best used in low traffic areas such as bedrooms. The interior painter can also help you with the gloss choice as well. 

So how do you choose a great paint color for the interior of your home? The easy choice is to connect with a dedicated project manager at your local painting company to get colour advice, select hues and tones based on the atmosphere you want to create, and go with your gut instinct! If you see a colour and finish that you like, it’s probably a great contender for your front.  

If you already have a particular colour and finish in mind, or are looking to get a refresh of the current colour, the next step is to choose a residential painter. There are many tradesmen and companies that offer painting services, but to avoid disappointment and ensure a great service, choose from companies that are proven in the industry. I recommend reliable companies with great google reviews such as Colour Envy Painting  It’s a local Edmonton based company bringing interior and exterior painters at your fingertips and they will go above and beyond to provide timely, professional and good quality service.