Keeping the Family Busy This Winter

Winter may seem like the time to hide away, but there are lots of ways you can enjoy family time, both in and out of the home. Here are some suggestions on family activities.

Family movie marathon

It’s always a nice treat to have a day inside watching movies and eating popcorn. Winter makes most of us long for a warm fire and comfort food.

If you’re going to switch on your fireplace for the first time in months, it might be worth getting a professional to check it out and ensure it’s running smoothly. Did you know you might not have insurance coverage for your fireplace and heaters if they haven’t been checked this year? It’s important to be aware of what your policy covers.  You can find out more at, home insurance Canada.

Then you can relax and enjoy family movies, knowing you’re covered.

Ice skating and other winter activities

There are plenty of activities for families to enjoy over the winter months. If you’ve never been ice skating before, you can start as a beginner and find somewhere offering lessons.

If ice skating isn’t your thing, very few people can say no to the thrill of tobogganing. Or you might prefer to try skiing. Whatever your family’s interests or budget, there is something to suit you. Canada has a great reputation for winter activities. So even if you want to hibernate, you’ll soon be having so much fun, you’ll be glad you ventured outside. Don’t let the cold put you off. Often, these activities will warm you up, and if not, you can always have a hot chocolate afterwards.

Christmas markets

Christmas markets are fun and can help inspire you and get you into the festive spirit. Even if you don’t buy anything, some of the handmade items might inspire you and your family to try making your own versions later at home.

You can also treat the family to festive food and drinks (non-alcoholic for the children, obviously). Some of the best Christmas markets in Canada include; The Banff Christmas Market, which is always popular for its expansive choice of Christmas gifts, and its outside lounge. Alternatively, Christkindl is popular with families because of the authentic German-themed market stalls, the sing-along and donkey procession.


Canada has some beautiful landscapes, which only look more magnificent in winter. Wherever you live, you won’t be far from somewhere eye-catching and you and your family can travel for a hike. It might be cold, but you’ll soon work up a sweat. If you layer up, the weather shouldn’t be a problem, and it’s a great excuse to update your winter wardrobe.  Then treat your family to a hot meal in a cozy restaurant at the end of your hike.

Winter is a great time for being active and spending time with family, without falling into the slump of staying indoors all the time. A change of attitude and a wardrobe update might be all you need to embrace winter. Remember to stay safe and get your fireplace checked too. You’ll need it to get warmed up after a fun winter’s day out.