Kid-Friendly Alberta: Exploring the Best Family Vacation Spots

Alberta is a treasure trove of family-friendly vacation spots, each offering unique experiences that cater to the interests of both kids and adults. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the sprawling prairies and pristine lakes, Alberta offers a wealth of opportunities for families to create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re exploring the natural wonders or checking out the city life, Alberta’s diverse landscapes and activities ensure that your family vacation will be filled with adventure, education, and lasting memories. So if you’ve used the best casino bonus Canada and made some winnings, you’ll want to head over to these destinations the next time you’re on the road with your family.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is a jewel in Alberta’s crown, offering breathtaking scenery and a wide range of family-friendly activities. The town of Banff itself is a charming mountain village with numerous shops and restaurants catering to families. Whether you’re an avid hiker or an author seeking inspiration from nature’s beauty, Banff has something for everyone.

What To Do

  1. Lake Louise: Take a short drive to Lake Louise, where kids can explore the beautiful emerald lake, rent a canoe, or hike the easy Lake Agnes Trail.
  2. Banff Gondola: Hop on the Banff Gondola for a scenic ride to the summit of Sulphur Mountain. The summit offers awe-inspiring views of the Rockies and interpretive exhibits for kids.
  3. Banff Upper Hot Springs: Relax in the Banff Upper Hot Springs, known for their warm mineral waters that are perfect for soothing tired muscles after a day of exploring.
  4. Wildlife Viewing: Alberta is home to various wildlife, and Banff is no exception. Keep an eye out for elk, deer, and bighorn sheep along the roads.

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park, another gem in the Canadian Rockies, offers families a tranquil escape into the heart of nature.

What To Do

  1. Maligne Lake: Embark on a boat tour of Maligne Lake, which includes a visit to Spirit Island, a place of natural wonder and beauty.
  2. Jasper SkyTram: Take a ride on the Jasper SkyTram, where you can spot wildlife and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.
  3. Athabasca Falls: Visit Athabasca Falls, an easily accessible and mesmerizing waterfall with well-maintained trails suitable for kids.
  4. Icefields Parkway: Drive the Icefields Parkway and make stops at various viewpoints to marvel at glaciers and turquoise lakes.


Calgary, Alberta’s largest city, is a vibrant urban hub with a plethora of family-friendly attractions.

What To Do

  1. Calgary Zoo: Explore the Calgary Zoo, home to a wide variety of animals, including pandas, penguins, and lemurs.
  2. Heritage Park Historical Village: Step back in time at Heritage Park, an interactive living history museum where kids can experience pioneer life.
  3. TELUS Spark Science Centre: Fuel your child’s curiosity at TELUS Spark Science Centre, featuring hands-on exhibits and interactive displays.
  4. Calgary Tower: Visit the Calgary Tower for stunning city views and the thrilling glass floor experience.


Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city, is another family-friendly destination with an array of attractions.

What To Do

  1. West Edmonton Mall: Dive into adventure at West Edmonton Mall, one of the largest malls in the world, with an indoor waterpark, amusement park, and more.
  2. Edmonton Valley Zoo: Enjoy a day at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, home to over 350 animals from around the world.
  3. Fort Edmonton Park: Immerse yourself in the past at Fort Edmonton Park, a living history museum that showcases the city’s history.
  4. Royal Alberta Museum: Explore the Royal Alberta Museum’s diverse exhibits, including natural history, Indigenous culture, and science displays.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

For budding paleontologists, Dinosaur Provincial Park is a must-visit destination. Located in southeastern Alberta, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a window into prehistoric times.

What To Do

  1. Dinosaur Fossil Hunts: Join guided fossil hunts and discover real dinosaur bones, making it an educational and thrilling experience for kids.
  2. Interpretive Center: Visit the park’s Interpretive Center to learn about the history of the area and see impressive dinosaur skeletons.
  3. Hiking and Camping: Explore the park’s unique badlands landscape through hiking and camping, offering opportunities for outdoor adventures.


Drumheller, often referred to as the “Dinosaur Capital of the World,” is a small town in Alberta’s Badlands known for its rich paleontological history.

What To Do

  1. Royal Tyrrell Museum: Discover the world of dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, home to an extensive collection of fossils and interactive displays.
  2. Hoodoos: Explore the Hoodoos, unique rock formations formed by erosion, and let your kids unleash their inner archaeologist.
  3. Dinosaur Trail: Drive along the Dinosaur Trail, which boasts various dinosaur-themed attractions, including statues and exhibits.

Waterton Lakes National Park

Nestled in the southwestern corner of Alberta, Waterton Lakes National Park offers a tranquil and family-friendly escape with its stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife.

What To Do

  1. Waterton Townsite: Stroll through the charming Waterton Townsite, with its boutiques, ice cream shops, and stunning views of Upper Waterton Lake.
  2. Red Rock Canyon: Hike the Red Rock Canyon trail, a short and easy path that leads to a vibrant red canyon that kids will love exploring.
  3. Cruise on Upper Waterton Lake: Take a scenic boat cruise on Upper Waterton Lake, offering the chance to spot wildlife and learn about the park’s history.