Nothing Like Spending Victoria Day in Edmonton 

Join us as we’re venturing to the heart of Canada’s cultural legacy — beautiful Edmonton. Here, Queen Victoria is more than a historical figure, and her influence can still be felt in the names of institutions, as well as in that of a most beloved park. She is also the inspirations behind one of Canada’s most beloved national holidays — Victoria Day.

Imagine a royal so beloved that her reign, overlapping Canada’s independence in 1867, sparked the birth of Victoria Day. But in Edmonton, it’s more than just a long weekend that Canadians get to enjoy, as the city embraces this oldest Canadian holiday with its unique charm. 

Victoria Day, falling on the Monday preceding May 25th, unofficially heralds Canada’s summer season and ushers in sunshine to the picturesque locales of Edmonton. Back in the late 1800s, the celebrations were more modest and serene before evolving into grand festivities that paint Edmonton in vibrant hues. Now the holiday promises summer parades, outdoor events, and the opening of summer retreats. And, in the heart of Edmonton, it means strolling through Victoria Park and enjoying the good weather.

The holiday was first observed in 1841 with the noble goal of uniting French and English Canadians. After Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, her birthday became a legal holiday, which later shifted to the Monday before May 25th, creating a long weekend. Interestingly, it now also commemorates Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, and in French-speaking Canada, the spirited holiday is known as the heartwarming “fête de la Reine”, or “day of the Queen”.

Although Queen Victoria never set foot in the country during her lifetime, she shaped the Dominion of Canada significantly. She even chose Ottawa as the capital! Need more Victoria Day facts? Then check out the fun infographic below:

Victoria Day Infographic by Point2

Brought to you by Point2

Adorned with the legacy of the Queen, Edmonton is also an ideal place to call home. You can even find the perfect place to create your own royal retreat.

So next time you spend a weekend in Edmonton, remember, you’re part of a legacy. A legacy that celebrates unity, summer, and history. Until the next Victoria Day, let’s cherish the royal spirit on every corner of Edmonton.

Cheers to our history and the magnificent city of Edmonton. Happy Victoria Day, Canada!