Learning Activities for Kids You Can Do at Home

Learning for kids should not be restricted to the formal classroom. When your child is at home, your contribution is necessary for determining how much they learn. The ideas you use at home need to be different from a classroom lesson for your kid to enjoy them.

With some schools closed due to the coronavirus, most children are stuck at home with very little learning going on. Here are some fun educational activities you can use to keep your kid engaged during this period.


Playdough modeling

Playdough has been in toy stores for decades. It is the cheapest and most creative item for kids to play with. It is also the simplest to learn and you can use it to come up with several creative art activities for your kid.

You can also decide to provide the kid with the playdough and let them come up with imaginative ideas on their own. As they do this, their brain gets stimulated. The more they play with the dough, the easier it becomes to develop more complex shapes.

You can decide to sit next to the kid and assist them as required. Encourage them to mix the dough with other materials and poke-ins to develop shapes of diverse texture.

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Do some gardening

Starting an indoor garden is an excellent learning initiative for kids. They get to understand how food is cultivated and helps them develop a sense of responsibility. An indoor garden can thrive all year round, as long as you have the requirements. It is even better when you have a solarium in your home.

Select simple crops that mature quickly. Identify some that do well within your area. Examples include carrots, tomatoes, and chili peppers. You can find some kid-friendly herbs and let your kids learn how to grow them.

Learn some art and craft

You can teach your kids some art and craft using crayons and pencils since they are already used to this. You may decide to use natural materials as well. Instruct them to collect some leaves, sticks, and petals then guide them into making sculptures and pictures.

You can use these objects as paintbrushes or stampers. Direct the kids how to dip these in paint and make interesting patterns on pieces of paper.


Fill the scrapbook

Scrapbooking has become one of the best learning activities for children, teens, and adults. The scrapbook was born out of a childhood urge to collect and preserve things that are considered dear.

The sticker-book has an element of learning attached to it. Have your child select their topic of interest. It could be gardening, nature, or any other topic related to the world around them.

Get the scrapbook and some tape, and then show them how to fill it with the right content. Provide resources where they can get the content such as old books, magazines, newspapers, and brochures. They can also gather some items outdoors.

Play writing games

Writing is an essential skill for every child. Use diverse methods to teach your kids these skills. You do not need to use ordinary paper and a pencil. Allow the kids to get messy by providing materials that are not unique to the ordinary class.

Give them tracing challenges. Use natural materials to teach them how to connect dots. Let them draw some shapes and letters in shaving cream or powder. They will learn and be entertained at the same time.

Additionally, you can also incorporate phonic games into this. Write letters on cards and pieces of paper to create flashcards. Use them to play snap and bingo games with your child. Your child will master sounds and letters each time.


As a parent, you may be wondering how to keep your child more engaged at home. If you are working from home, scrambling to get a schedule for yourself and the kids can be challenging. Online learning offers some of the best educational activities for kindergarteners. However, spending too much time on the screen can affect your child negatively. It is essential to allow your child to discover new things through disguising some educational activities as fun.

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