Popular Pastimes for Fun-seeking Canadian Adults

Popular Pastimes for Fun-seeking Canadian Adults


Canada is a vast country, and it encompasses almost 10 million square kilometers of land, making it the world’s second-largest nation (behind Russia). However, for such a large country, it has a relatively small population of only 39 million people. Many of these inhabitants live in large urban centers such as Toronto, Montréal, and Vancouver. Canadians are known the world over for being thoughtful and tolerant people, making it a popular country for tourists from all over the world. However, many tourists only have a basic understanding of Canadian culture and the likes and dislikes of the population. This article seeks to improve this understanding by describing some of the key pastimes that fun-loving people enjoy in their spare time. Examples will include the Canadian love of the outdoors, how the country is extremely liberal in its attitude towards gambling, and some of the key sports that Canadians enjoy watching or taking part in.

Enjoying a hike in nature


For millions of fun-loving Canadian adults, a weekend is well spent if it involves getting out into nature and exploring the fantastic scenery that Canada has to offer. For example, if you are visiting Edmonton in the province of Alberta, there is the wonderful Elk Island National Park. Here, tourists and locals can marvel at the 250 species of wild bird that inhabit the area, along with bison and elk that roam freely. Canadians love to visit such national parks to go on a long hike or enjoy a campfire under the stars where ambient light is at a minimum. Wherever you visit in Canada, you are likely to be within a relatively short journey of an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is little surprise that 80% of Canadians enjoy hiking for fun and recreation as they are blessed with vast swathes of unspoiled wilderness, along with picturesque forests and lakes.

Experiencing thrilling online casinos


Canadians love the thrill of gambling, and the country hosts several high-class venues in many cities. While online casinos are illegal in Canada, it is legal for Canadians to gamble at online casinos that are hosted in other countries, such as can be found at https://www.stellarspins.me/en. Millions of Canadians enjoy spending a few hours at such sites where they can take advantage of a wide range of slot machines, such as Aztec Magic Bonanza and Sun of Egypt 3. Whilst slot machines remain a popular choice, Canadians also enjoy playing a range of card-based games such as poker and baccarat. Typically, Canadians will insist on using secure, professionally-run sites that use the latest encryption technology and offer a high-class gaming experience that is like that found in the country’s numerous land-based casinos.

The Canadian Love of Ice Hockey


Finally, it is a well-known fact that Canadians have a love affair with the sport of ice hockey. The Canadian national ice hockey team is renowned as the best in the world and their domestic league, the NHL, is the most competitive level at which the sport is played. On match day, thousands of Canadians will fill the ice hockey stadiums and cheer their team on, hoping that they have a chance of holding the Stanley Cup aloft at the end of the season. If you are visiting the country, be sure to watch a match if you arrive during the regular season,which typically runs from October to April.