Summer STEM Camp at A&D Tutoring

A&D Tutoring Summer Camps 2020

All of A & D Tutoring summer classes are designed for students aged 6-11. These courses are flexible so that different skills can be learned depending on your child’s age and ability, and in some cases, children younger than 7 may be able to attend.

What is the cost of our camp? Half day camps are $150. Full day camps are $350 and include supervision and a space for students to eat a packed lunch.

Makerspace Camp

The Makerspace camps allow children to develop ‘outside of the box’ ideas. In these classes, we use all types of building and construction materials. This is a wonderful course as there are options for collaboration as well as independent work. Students can be creative and artistic while utilizing both technical and hands-on skill sets. In this class, we use 3D printing, green screens and circuits.

Some of the fun things to enjoy in the Makerspace-themed classes:

  • 3D Printing and Design
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Creativity Workshop, design, build and decorate
  • Maker Electronics (Makey Makey)
  • Cardboard Creation
  • Virtual Reality
  • Raspberry Pi

Lego Robotics Camp

This class introduces your child to the basics of mechanics. They will learn about gears, belts, motors and computers. They will not only build robots but also learn how to bring them to life through simple application and programming. Projects will be designed and completed in class. We also feature a battlebot portion of the class where students design their own bots in groups and see whose bot can complete all the required tasks.

Some of the fun things to enjoy in the Robotics-themed STEM classes:

  • Build LEGO EV3 robots.
  • Program your robot to complete tasks. Whether that involves swinging a LEGO hammer to disable your opponent’s robot or solving a complex real-world task, the choice is yours.
  • Battle in our LEGO arena to determine whose bot is the champion using Blocky and/or JavaScript programming.

Minecraft Camp

Learning becomes more fun with Minecraft! In the Exploring Minecraft class, students will learn about the game design process by creating custom maps, buildings and resource packs, etc. For the Mastering Minecraft class, students will explore Minecraft server setup (on PC), build and design a private server, develop game design and resource pack creation.

As Minecraft allows players to create unique worlds, their creative side will flourish using software design tools such as MCEdit. From playtesting adventure maps and completing resource packs to building a world of complex circuits using JavaScript, your child can become an artist, designer, architect, engineer or programmer.

  • Build famous landmarks
  • Design functional roller coasters
  • Design your own skin pack
  • Learn about mods
  • Work on coding with Minecraft Education Edition
  • Build working mechanisms from elevators to flood control and more