Robot Arena, Experimenting in Minecraft & Makerspace Mayhem Birthday Parties at A&D Tutoring

A & D Tutoring hosts three types of STEM birthday party options designed for youth to build and explore. Kids can enjoy 3D printing and design, stop motion animation and creativity workshops with elements of art, principles of design, maker electronics and cardboard creation.

There are three parties available with up to ten guests each. The parties are priced at only $250. These parties are two hours long and include a half hour in our fabulous party room. Additional guests can be added for $15/person.

Robot Battle Arena

While strictly speaking, it is not necessary to use the EV3 LEGO Robotic kits to build battlebots and duke it out in our arena setting, this is typically what happens. At a Robot Battle Arena, children will build LEGO EV3 robots, compete against their peers, battle in the LEGO arena, and program their robot for battle!

Experimenting with Minecraft

We will explore different challenges using Minecraft to discover the world of engineering, planning, design and more. At a Minecraft-themed party, children will learn to build famous landmarks, design functional roller coasters and build working mechanisms from an elevator to flood control and more. They will learn to design their own skin pack and learn about mods. 

Makerspace Mayhem

You can have an amazing STEM birthday and choose from plenty of options. Designed for youngsters to explore and build in all STEM areas, our program allows children to learn about 3D printing and design, stop motion animation, creativity workshops, maker electronics and cardboard creations. 

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