The 3 Most In-demand Tech Jobs That You Can Land with Microsoft PL-200 Exam

Microsoft rapidly develops, updates, and releases new solutions and products to meet the needs of modern businesses. One of the biggest new areas from Microsoft is the Power Platform. Microsoft MB-210 Platform will be a worthy consideration for a company that prioritizes efficiency. This set of applications helps the organizations effectively manipulate, automate and analyse data.

With more companies adopting the Microsoft Power Platform, there is an increasing need for specialists who know how to deal with this tool and have done power platform certification.

This guide covers the three best roles you can assume if you work with the Microsoft 98-349 and how the Microsoft PL-200 exam can help you achieve your career goals. 

Summary of the Microsoft PL-200 Exam

Microsoft Power Platform for Functional Consultant, or Microsoft PL-200, is designed for the candidates responsible for performing discovery, translating requirements, capturing requirements, and configuring Microsoft Power Platform solutions. Success in this evaluation earns you the Microsoft MS-101 : Power Platforms Functional Consultant Associate certification. Holding this accreditation, you can easily land the technical roles outlined below:

1. Functional Consultant

In modern organizations, Functional Consultants are responsible for advising and supporting businesses on technology. They take pride in recommending and configuring technology-centric solutions to address business needs. Usually, Functional Consultants collaborate with other IT professionals, Microsoft 70-767  and Business Analysts, to ensure the organization’s business needs are fully met. Working in this role, you can expect an average annual salary of $90,480.

2. AI Engineer

AI Engineers develop new applications and systems that rely on artificial intelligence to guarantee efficiency. The broader objective is to reduce costs while increasing the profit margins. Working in this role, you must demonstrate your ability to apply AI to image reconstruction and analysis, Microsoft MS-202 to accomplish specific tasks, and create solutions that rely on AI best practices and machine learning principles. AI engineering is a complex profession that demands proper training. But if you are successful in this field, you can expect an average salary of $164,769 per year.

3. App Maker

As the name suggests, App Makers or Application Developers develop and modify source code for software applications. These professionals must be able to develop software solutions that satisfy the business requirements, create and implement the source code of newly created applications, and test source code and debug code. Also, they evaluate the existing applications, perform modifications and updates, and develop technical handbooks to outline the design of new applications. According to, App Makers are guaranteed an average annual salary of $71,866. 

Honorable Mentions

Apart from the three major roles we’ve discussed above, passing the Microsoft PL-200 exam can also improve your chances of qualifying for the following positions:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Administrator

The Bottom Line

Microsoft Power Platform is a unique tool that brings your valuable data to one place. It accommodates the technical and non-technical users within an organization, helping them complete business operations without breaking a sweat. For anyone looking to build their careers around this platform, the Microsoft AZ-305 would be an excellent starting point. You only need the right study materials to get started. And when you succeed, you qualify for any of the technical roles mentioned in this article.