The Best At-Home Boxing Workout For Beginner Boxers

Boxing is a great workout for people of all fitness levels. It is anaerobic, which improves your cardiovascular endurance and is also a great way to build muscle. One of the main benefits of boxing is that it is a low-impact activity, so it is easy on your joints. 

Another benefit of boxing is that it can be done almost anywhere. All you need is a pair of boxing gloves and space to move around. You can do a boxing workout at the gym, in your living room, or even in your backyard. One of the best things about boxing is that it is a very versatile workout. 

You can do it with a partner or by yourself and vary the intensity to suit your fitness level. So if you are looking for a fun and challenging workout, give boxing a try.

However, before you start throwing punches, you must ensure that you have the right equipment. Boxing gloves are essential for protecting your hands, and they also help to absorb the impact of your punches. You’ll also need a boxing bag or Focus Mitts to practice your punches on. Once you’ve sorted your boxing gear, you can start working on your boxing technique.

If you’re new to boxing, starting with a basic routine is important and gradually increasing the intensity as you become more comfortable with the movements.

Here’s a simple at-home boxing workout for beginner boxers:

Start With a Light Warm-up

Any good boxing workout should start with a light warm-up to get your heart rate up and your muscles loose. There’s no need to go all-out from the get-go – just start with some light jogging in place or jumping jacks to get your blood flowing. 

Once you’re feeling warmed up, you can move on to more specific boxing exercises. shadow boxing, hitting the heavy bag, or working on your footwork. 

A proper warm-up will make your boxing workout more effective and help you avoid injury. So don’t skip it – take a few minutes to warm up before you start throwing punches.

Carefully Wrap Your Hands

There’s a right and wrong way to wrap your hands when you’re boxing or working out. If you don’t wrap them correctly, you could have serious injuries. So, what’s the correct way to do it?

First, you’ll need to decide what sort of hand wrap you want to use. There are different types of material, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Once you’ve chosen your hand wrap, carefully measure the amount you’ll need. You don’t want it to be too loose or too tight.

Next, begin wrapping your wrists, making sure the wraps are snug but not too tight. Then, move up to your knuckles, wrapping around each one individually. Once your knuckles are wrapped, continue wrapping around your hand until you reach the base of your fingers. Finally, wrap around your thumb and secure the end of the hand wrap.

Following these simple steps ensures that your hands are properly protected while boxing or working out. So, take the time to wrap them correctly – it could save you from a serious injury down the line.

Begin Shadowboxing, Using Proper Form and Technique

Shadowboxing is a great way to practice your punching technique without needing a partner. It can also be used as a form of cardiovascular exercise to help improve your stamina and endurance. When shadowboxing, it is important to use proper form and technique. 

Focus on punches such as jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Remember to keep your hands up and your chin down. Make sure to exhale with each punch and twist your body into the punch. You can practice your shadowboxing technique and become a better fighter.

Take Breaks as Needed

When it comes to working out, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Some people prefer to push themselves to their limits, while others prefer a more moderate approach. It is important to find what works for you and stick to it. For some people, that means taking breaks as needed.

If you are winded or feeling dizzy, taking a break and rest is important. However, try to complete at least 3-5 rounds of shadowboxing before taking a break. This will help you get the most out of your workout and improve your conditioning.

Finish With Bag Training

While some people might think that simply hitting a punching bag is a great way to relieve stress, it is important to remember that there is a right and a wrong way to do it. First and foremost, you need to focus on using proper form and technique. This means keeping your hands up, maintaining a good balance, and throwing punches with precision and power.

If you simply flail away at the bag, you will not only look silly, but you could also injure yourself. Secondly, while letting off some steam by hitting the bag hard is okay, you should never sacrifice form for speed or power. 

Focus on throwing each punch with as much control and accuracy as possible. Once you have mastered these two elements, you can increase your speed and power. However, always make sure that your form remains sharp. Hitting the punching bag can be a great way to end your workout routine, but only if you do it correctly.

Following this basic routine will quickly develop the skills and strength necessary for more advanced boxing workouts. And who knows? You may even find yourself hooked on this incredible sport.