Tips For Summer Parties 

Imagine this – it is Summer and you are done with work and going home to get ready to go to your office’s Summer Party. You feel optimistic, but it could be our reality for mid-Summer with lockdown measures being relaxed. Why not host the ultimate Summer event? Your team and you definitely deserve it!

Despite the fact that lockdown measures are not being eased as fast as we want them to, the current restrictions that are in place still allow for gatherings of thirty individuals outdoors. After surviving the past one and a half years, it is the ideal time for recognizing and celebrating your employees’ achievements. After working so hard, they definitely deserve to be able to relax. 

We have some ideas and tips to help you plan an amazing event for your employees! 

When planning a summer party there are many things that need to be considered, so here is a step-by-step checklist for you. 

Planning: The Ultimate Checklist

Many companies will be hosting summer parties at the very same time, so be sure to get in early so you do not miss out. Determine your budget and then use it as your starting point for brainstorming ideas for prizes or gifts, decorations, entertainment, food and drinks, and venues for your special event. 


Select a centrally located venue that is easy for everyone to access. With less restrictive COVID measures for outdoors, and your staff being a lot safe when they are out in the open air, we strongly recommend having your summer party in an outdoor area if possible. This could include a private garden, park, or rooftop party. 

Find functional spaces close to your office or in the city. Make sure the venue is close to public transportation so that everybody can get there and return home easily. The kind of venue that you select is going to depend on your corporate culture, location, number of guests, and your budget. 


There are many corporate entertainment options that are available for your Summer parties. From contests, games, and dancing, to a DJ or live band, we recommend that your entertainment be matched with your corporate culture. So if you have a fairly conservative staff and company, don’t hire a comic whose jokes may offend people. 

However, if you have a lot of employees who are more outgoing and adventurous, it may be safe for you to plan a more interactive event. 


Offer an activity that all of your team members can participate in. That will take the focus off of alcohol and can potentially be an excellent bonding tool for individuals who do not usually work together. It could include a ping pong tournament, frisbee, a football game, karaoke, ten-pin bowling, or lawn bowling. Try out the most recent trend in office activities and go over to the escape room. It is a very exciting and fun thing to do and has also been proven to provide team-building benefits as well. 


Decorations are an essential element when it comes to creating a captivating atmosphere for summer parties. They have the power to transform any space into a vibrant and festive haven. When planning a summer gathering, incorporating thematic decorations can truly elevate the ambiance and make the event even more memorable. Take, for example, the Fourth of July celebration. This patriotic holiday calls for a dazzling display of red, white, and blue. From banners and balloons to streamers and table centerpieces, deck out your venue with an array of patriotic colors. Adorn the tables with star-spangled tablecloths and arrange festive floral arrangements in rustic mason jars wrapped in striped ribbons. Hang string lights in the shape of fireworks to illuminate the outdoor area as the sun sets.

Don’t forget the iconic touch of patriotic inflatables for the Fourth of July, such as a giant inflatable Uncle Sam or a majestic bald eagle. These decorations add a whimsical and patriotic touch to the festivities, creating a visually stunning backdrop for guests to enjoy as they celebrate the spirit of independence. Whether you opt for patriotic inflatables, banners, streamers, or other decorative elements, the key is to infuse the venue with a sense of joy and celebration. So, unleash your creativity, incorporate your chosen theme, and let the decorations elevate your summer parties to new heights of fun and enjoyment for all attendees.


Selecting a theme for your Summer party can give your celebration some structure and character. Just keep in mind that not everybody in your office is going to want to wear a costume. So make sure that you keep any requirements optional and minimal. Add some fun props and decorations with Premierglows confetti cannon. One good option would be to ask everybody to wear a certain color, a hat, or something else that they can easily remove later on.

There is nothing wrong with selecting “pirates” or another fun theme if it is well-suited for your employees and company culture. However, make sure to either make it optional or keep things to a minimum. You might want to express your theme instead through your choice of music, decorations, or venue. 

Lights And Music 

Lighting and sound are the most affordable and effective ways of making a boring and generic room look exciting. It is also an excellent way to set a good mood for your party. The property will help to give your event that ‘wow’ factor. 

A Staff Retreat

Whether it is for a few days, one full day, or half a day, holding a staff retreat is an excellent way to relax after the past one and a half years. It is also an effective way to receive input from your team members. It makes them a lot more committed to your future plan and makes them stronger. Team building exercises can be incorporated into your staff retreat so that everyone works together and gets people energized. 


Choose a suitable food and drinks menu based on your theme, budget, company culture, and group size. For something fun and casual you can choose foods like buffalo wings, pizza, buffet catering, gourmet finger food, and cocktails. Remember your staff members who have special dietary requirements. Make sure to have alternatives available so that everyone has something to eat. 

For a homestyle solution, you can organize individual meals or a great buffet. 

Beverages and Alcohol 

Drinks will definitely play an important role in your summer parties. If you are providing alcohol, we strongly recommend that you provide food as well as your party so that you don’t end up with a bunch of drunk employees. Set ground rules and ensure that everyone is aware of them. 

Consider having a shorter beverage package to limit the alcohol, or just serve wine and beer, in addition to a number of different non-alcoholic options like soft drinks, juice, and water. You might even want to budget for providing a bus or taxi service for those who need it.