Top 8 Best Meeting Scheduler Apps for 2022

Every company needs to organize meetings to deliberate on various issues. They can involve specific departments, managers, or the entire workforce. The person tasked with organizing meetings has a lot of issues to sort out before, during, and after meetings. They have to create agendas and collaborate with various management teams and staff. 

The entire process is tedious and takes time which can affect the productivity of the organizer. Although corporate meetings add value to the company, the challenges of organizing them can be energy draining. The solution is to use a meeting scheduling app to make the work easier. There are many best applications for scheduling meetings available in the market. 

An organization does not need to follow the conventional manner of imposing the strategy upon the employees. There are a number of opportunities that can be taken to consult about strategies that have been developed (Barker, 2009). This could be done on a regular basis, by the senior leaders of the organization.

Incorporating in person voting can be a valuable tool for strategic management in a healthcare organization, helping to align strategic goals with the needs of patients and staff, build consensus, and promote effective communication and collaboration. Improves the leadership and communication skills of the organization. Quarterly or half yearly meetings with senior management ensures that the strategies are widely known. It allows employees of the organization to have a better understanding of how the strategies are drawn up. An organization reorganizes the structure and the place that the employees need to give their best performance.


Calendar provides you with one of the best solutions to schedule meetings. It helps you organize a date when everyone is available. This ensures nobody misses the meeting because they were busy with other important tasks. It eliminates the hassle of sending too many emails back and forth, trying to confirm who will be available or not. 

To view all email communication about meeting dates from one place, the salesforce calendar integration app by Revenue Grid provides the best solution. The tool syncs your Salesforce and email calendars in one place. It is an automatic tool that syncs and unifies calendars between Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce. 


Calendly is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to schedule one-on-one and group meetings such as training sessions and webinars. Its unique feature includes the following:

  • Meeting poll feature: The meeting poll feature allows you to poll those expected to attend. It helps you fix a meeting time that works for the majority.
  • Meeting booking feature: A manager can use this feature to share with their team the date he will be available, and the recipients can confirm if that date is okay with them. 
  • Connecting with calendar: The app connects with the calendar so that meeting dates and the availability of attendees can be displayed in one place. 


CalendarHero is a meeting scheduling tool that allows customization. You can use the tool for meetings dates, locations, and times. You can use it to send attendees the meeting link and duration. It includes several unique features.

  • Meeting limits: When your meeting schedule is full, the toll blocks further requests.
  • Participant insights: The tool generates meeting discussions and includes them in CRM
  • Payment feature: Some professional meetings involving consultants require advance payments. This tool has a payment feature. 


ScheduleOnce allows you to organize several meetings at the same time. After setting the dates for each meeting, you can then share the link for each with the invitees. They can then indicate the date they will be available for the meeting. The app helps you know the number of people available for each meeting. 

Google Calendar

Google calendar is a free meeting schedule app created by Google. You need to have a Google account to use the app. The app not only helps you schedule meetings but also appointments with different people. It allows you to customize meeting times, including meeting locations, and set up reminders. You can also set customized permissions for each invitee. 

You can book me 

You can book me is a tool full of features that allow you to schedule meetings based on your availability. The features allow you to create customized meeting notifications. You can use it to send reminders and event alerts and automatically send emails for follow-ups. To use all its features, you need to subscribe at $10 monthly. 

Resource Guru

Resource Guru is a management and planning tool that helps managers to organize and schedule their teams effectively. The tool helps not only managers schedule meetings but also various work tasks, including their deadlines. The organizer only needs to drag and drop the meeting dates and then adjust them according to the time and availability of the rest of the team. 

Zoho Bookings

Zoho Bookings unifies communication and collaboration between your teams when scheduling meetings. Using its Zoho meeting feature, you can organize meetings and collaborate with your remote teams effectively. It is a simple-to-use tool that can be integrated with other tools to make meeting scheduling and planning more productive. The tool features interactive web meeting tools important for various types of meetings, such as webinars and one-on-one meetings.