Why Sorrento is the Perfect Place for an Unforgettable Vacation?

Most tourists that visit south-western Italy merge the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sorrento, all together. However, these are three separate places that carry their own distinct charms, accommodations and potential for exploration. While some experienced travellers may prefer the nearby Positano, Sorrento is definitely the place to visit for the first time explorers of Italian coasts. Stay in Sorrento homes for rent, eat the local cuisines, dive beneath the waves, witness unbelievable sights – this beautiful little town promises an incredible experience.

Incredible Views in Sorrento

High cliffs of Sorrento offer adrenaline-inducing views over the Bay of Naples. There is a popular sunset spot in Villa Communale Park that dazzles the mind. Just sit in the large public part nearby a small café, splurge for a drink and just revel in the warm rays of sunshine. La Marinella has another spectacular overlook. Witness the incredible amalgamation of nature’s beauty and artificial infrastructure that mesh together to create something spectacular.

The Museum of Sorrento

Museo Correale is located overlooking the sea at the edge of the town. It was once a private residence of the Correale family. So roam the 24-room complex, standing over four floors and appreciate what it has become. The exhibits are filled with family treasures that include ceramics, paintings, furniture, and a large collection of clocks. The lovely garden has old trees and plenty of benches to appreciate the surroundings and sit for a spell.

Wood Craft Industry 

Art of Marquetry is synonymous with Sorrento. The industry dates back to the age of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies. Local artisans of Sorrento used to create detailed inlaid items and designs for the royal palaces. This skill is known as Intarsia in Italian. Its examples can be seen all over the town. In addition, there’s a vast collection of both antique and modern works in an 18th-century palazzo. Lastly, the masters of the craft offer weekend and weeklong courses for enthusiasts.

Piazza Tasso: The Main Square 

Named after the famed 16th-century Italian poet Torquato Tasso, Piazza Tasso is the busiest square in Sorrento. Beautiful little cafes surround it, making the air smell incredibly salivating. See the majestic church of Baroque Church del Carmine and the ancient Palazzo Correale to revel in history. The main shopping district starts from here as well.

Iconic Valley of the Mills

Look down from the Piazza Tasso. There’s a deep gorge in the valley where once mills processed flour and wood. The microclimate creates an incredible lush scene. For another viewpoint, walk down the ramps to see these beautiful ruins closely.

Church of San Francesco

It used to be a 14th-century monastery, but it was found way back in the 8th century. The white stucco and up kempt look hide the story of the ages this building has to tell. The beautiful cloisters around the church are a popular venue for weddings. Baroque arches and the greenery create an incredible atmosphere that gives a feeling of peace and romance.

Whether you are a single looking for adventure or a couple on a getaway, Sorrento is the perfect destination for you. Witness the wonders of nature, eat tasty cuisines, and appreciate the museums and the ruins. You will enjoy your trip.