10 Awesome Edmonton Kids Birthday Parties That Come To You

There’s an easy way to take some of the work out of having a birthday party at home, and that’s hiring some entertainment for the kids. Here are some of the kids birthday party entertainment options and birthday party photography to create fun at home birthday parties in Edmonton.

Adventure Bus

The Adventure Bus is a full sized school bus that has been converted into a mini gym – brought directly to your location. All activities take place inside the Adventure Bus and no transportation of participants is involved.  The Bus is equipped with a large variety of FUN equipment including: zip line, monkey bars, rock climbing wall, mini-trampoline, rings, bean bags, ribbons, climbing rope, balance beam, mats, shapes, parachutes, tunnels, hoops, etc.
Cost: $240-380

Zoo to You 

Would your child or their friends like to hold a 4 foot long ball python snake? Or perhaps they would like their picture taken with their favorite parrot or other interesting creature! Other species include hedgehogs, ,an iguana, a bearded dragon, a veiled chameleon, a terantula, a scorpion, a crested gecko, a variety of bunnies, degus and an African tortoise. (read our review, here).
Cost: $200-300

The Joe Show

What kid isn’t going to love a six foot ostrich coming to their party? From building and bricks, to puppetry and a party that takes the effort out of planning, the Joe Show brings magic and fun to local kids parties.
Cost: $250

Ever After Princess Parties 

There are tons of princess parties available locally – but it’s important when you’re choosing a princess to choose princesses that look the part. Ever After Princesses offers princess fashion shows, sing-along time, story time, dress-up, storytime and much, much more, depending on the package that has been chosen.
Cost: $110-270

Wanistay Ranch Pony Parties

What kid doesn’t want to feel like they’re a princess riding around on a pony? From pony rides, and other special visitors (there are even alpacas!) you can get an affordable animal party, for your children.
Cost: $250

Glow Yoga Kids 

Party includes 1 hour of yoga games, creative movement, music, dancing, breathing exercises, fun yoga poses & relaxation for up to 12 children** – all tailored to your child’s party theme. On top of this, children will also spend 15 minutes creating a collaborative piece of art as a gift for the birthday child, or their very own masterpiece to take home.
Cost: $125

The Fire Trunk 

With lights flashing and siren blaring A beautiful 1950 Fire truck arrives to the excited screams of children ready for fun. The friendly Fire Trunk delivers a high energy, hands-on experience that’s unlike anything you have ever seen. A Trunk full of firefighter gear, and various fire themed souvenirs. Have a Blast and spray some water to “put out the fire” with some fun play props and firefighter games.
Cost: $250
The Fire Trunk on Facebook

Mudpie Parties 

Known for their incredible ‘pinterest worthy parties’ and fantastic entertainment. Mudpie Parties has everything you need to have a party at home. You can choose from a party in a box or work with Mudpie Parties to coordinate the details of a party that’s going to be filled with memories, just check out their fabulous themes!
Cost: $299


In a typical show, Jeffrey arrives a half hour into your home, business, restaurant or hall prior to showtime to properly “set-up” as there is a lot of magic involved.  Then just before the show starts, Jeffrey takes the birthday child aside with their Mother and/or Father and teaches them a simple but amazing magic trick that they will do in front of their friends.
Cost: $199-249

Edmonton Reptile Parties 

Whether you are celebrating your child’s birthday, looking for an interesting educational program for your school or group, or just looking for a creative way to entertain, Reptile Parties is a fun, educational, and affordable form of entertainment!
Cost: $145-180

I-Play Game Theatre

The  Mobile Video Game Theatres provides the ultimate gaming experience right at your front door in our luxury limo style theatre! Our amazing video game trucks bring the perfect no-mess, no-stress birthday party experience that will make you the coolest parent on the planet.
Cost: $299-329


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