Birthday gift ideas your tween will love!

They grow up so fast, don’t they? One moment you were bringing them home from the hospital, the next they’re spending all their time in their room and denouncing their favorite soft toys and kids’ TV shows and suddenly you’re aware of how “uncool” you are. 

Having a tween at home isn’t always easy, hormones are raging and your teenager-in-the-making is demanding more privacy and more time with their friends. While it’s all part of growing up, having a tween at home can make getting the right birthday gifts incredibly difficult. Tweens are tricky to buy for, simply because they’re in the limbo period between being a kid and being a full teenager. You can find some awesome gift ideas for 11 year old from Wicked Uncle, just click the link. 

To help you out of this gift-giving dilemma, I’ve gathered some amazing birthday gift ideas that your tween will love! Read on to find out more.

A tie-dye kit

Tie-dye is back! You may remember tie-dye being all the rage back in the 90s, well, now it’s back with a vengeance, and we did it first! Thankfully, it’s much safer and cleaner to make your very own tie-dye clothing these days, thanks to these useful kits. They contain instructions and everything you need to make some stunning and totally unique sweaters, t-shirts, caps, even socks, and bags! If your tween is a trendsetter, they’ll love this gift.

Room décor pieces 

Ok, it might not be a conventional gift, but if your tween is no longer excited about unwrapping dolls, toy cars, and soft toys, then why not gift them something that helps them play on their individuality? Your tween is spending more time in their room, so gifting them some cool (or cute) room décor pieces is ideal. From faux vines to decorate their shelves with twinkling fairy lights to string above their bed, throws and cushions, artwork, LED candles – if you’re having trouble choosing, ask them what they might like!


It’s not just teenagers who suffer from bad skin, children from as young as 9 can start to struggle with pimples, redness, and other skin issues that we usually associate with teens. Whether your tween has skin issues or not, it’s a good idea to get them into a good skincare routine to keep their skin fresh, bright, and photo-ready. And this applies to girls and boys! A simple cleansing kit with a personalized washcloth is a nice idea, bubble baths and bath-bombs, sheet face masks for those pamper evenings, and even a jade or rose quartz roller to soothe their under-eye skin. Having good skin can help them look good and most importantly – feel good. 

And finally, bring out their inner gamer

Gaming has never been more popular, and many tweens take it very seriously. Whether they’re building worlds on Minecraft, designing their dream life on The Sims, or battling it out on Fortnite with their friends, there are plenty of ways to spoil them. A new gaming chair, an upgraded gaming PC, or a new console are awesome ideas that any gamer boy or girl will appreciate.