5 Tips for Visiting the Edmonton Corn Maze #yeg

Visiting the Edmonton Corn Maze is one of our annual traditions. Our entire family gets together and treks through the maze, carrying the littlest kids that have stopped wanting to walk through the maze, laughing at getting back tracked throughout and taking turns to follow whoever best led the way last year.

To visit the maze, adults are $12, children between 5-11 are $9, and children under five are free. To plan your visit, you can check out the website and learn a few tips about getting through the maze and see what’s new to experience this year.

I guess you could say that we’ve become a bit of experts at the corn maze. Want to make your trip more fun (and a bit easier with kids)? Here’s how:

Bring Quarters (and change) | Some of the activities at the corn maze cost a bit extra. This year, there’s the $2 potato gun and you always want to make sure to bring along quarters for the feed for the animals. Bring a pocketful of quarters for the kids.

Use your Phone to Get Through the Maze | Using the GPS on your phone, you can find out exactly where you are in the maze. If you’ve lost your way through or aren’t following any of the maps that you can pick up at the beginning of the experience, your phone is going to lead you out of the maze. It’s fun too.

Reserve a Picnic Space | For big groups, you’re going to want to reserve a space. Did you know that you can even use the fire pit in the space to save money on dinner. Don’t want to picnic? You can buy snacks at the snack shack. Picnic spaces can be reserved via email, or by calling 780-499-5939.

Visit in Early August | Early August is the best time to visit the corn maze. The crowds have yet to come (for the most part) and you’re going to be able to experience the maze with corn over your head – plus, if you go on a cool day it’s a nice comfortable walk.

Choose Easy Off/On Shoes for Kids | From the jumping pillows to playing in the corn kernels, you’re going to want to bring shoes that are easy on and off for kids. They’re going to be taking them off for these things, so for ease, make sure they’re easy to get on and off.

Can’t Stand the Heat? Go When it’s Cool | If you’ve got kids that don’t want to venture out into a corn maze in hot weather, you’re going to want to wait for the cooler weather, or a cooler evening to go to the maze. When you’re in the maze during hot weather it can be pretty warm – don’t forget the sunscreen, whenever you choose to go.

Have you visited the corn maze this year and checked out the new additions for fun things to do while you’re there? Share your tips for visiting in the comments.