You’ve Got to Try the New Festive Menu at McDonalds

McDonalds Festive Menu

Sundays are crunch day around here. We’ve had at least one birthday party every weekend, for the past five weeks, we’ve usually got a brunch or an afternoon event to attend and nearing dinner, we’ve got back to back cheerleading classes for the kids.

We’ve had the Christmas tree set up for the past two weeks, but didn’t have time to decorate it. Tonight was the night, a perfect Sunday night spent with the kids, decorating the tree and having dinner – but didn’t have time to make dinner because of the usual Sunday Crazy. Time for a quick dinner solution, through a text message from me to Jamie, asking him to grab dinner on the way home from picking up Olivia from the second session of cheerleading.

As usual, when it’s up to the kids, they choose McDonald’s, and since it’s a. easy and b. quick, we opted to their number one choice.

The McDonald’s Festive Menu

McDonald’s Festive Menu includes: maple and cheddar seriously chicken sandwich, parmesan and garlic seasoned fries and caramel chocolate shortbread McFlurry. We shared the new Mcflurry and loved the caramel and texture of the delicious pieces of shortbread and caramel, and I requested the parmesan and garlic seasoned fries (this may be the second time I’ve had them this week) while Jamie opted for the chicken sandwich. The kids, on the other hand, stuck to their usual of chicken nuggets, and at dinner we realized, wow – that kid can dip.

Impressive, right? The festive menu at McDonald’s is available now until the end of the year – and you can bet that this won’t be the last time the parmesan and garlic seasoned fries are going to make an appearance in my house (especially for a quick dinner solution)

It’s a solution that you might want to consider when you’re getting festive – whether it’s heading out to drive around to look at Christmas lights in Edmonton, or just spending a Sunday night in

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