5 Alberta Festivals to Catch with the Kids this Month | March 2019

Festival season doesn’t have to stay in the winter and summer – there are spring and fall festivals around the province that are often overlooked when you’re planning activities and outings with your chlidren. Here are five festivals for families in March.

The Glow Festival | March 23

GLOW is an illuminated night parade weaving through the Boyle Street neighbourhood, featuring enormous animated lanterns hand-made by the community. GLOW’S theme for 2019 is Outer Space, and all the wonders it holds.

Artists and community members will come together to walk through the Boyle Street Community with handmade lantern floats. The lantern parade takes place March 23, 2019, 7:30 pm.

Carnaval de Sucres | march 9

For the first time this year, the Edmonton Chapter of the French Canadian Association of Alberta is very proud to invite you to celebrate the 70th edition of their popular Maple Sugar Carnaval at Fort Edmonton Park.

Jasper Nordic Fest | March 9-10 

The Jasper WinterFest multi-day sport festival is destined to become a premier loppet and sport festival that will attract skiers and athletes from across Western Canada.

Festival of Animated Objects | march 13-17 

Every 2 years the Festival of Animated Objects awakens the inanimate and giving expression to the inert. From puppet shows to film screenings, gallery exhibitions to workshops, from March 13 – 17, 2019 Calgary will come alive with original creations, mythical creatures, and curious beasts, objects and gadgets, and thingamajigs beguiled by puppet-masters and artists alike to stir your imagination.

Kites on Ice | March 16

A celebration bringing in the arrival (eventually), of spring. Cultural activities of Holi, hot air balloon demos, kite making/flying, and wind sports – let’s be light and bright.