Kid-Friendly Edmonton Festivals to Visit with Your Kids in August

The month may be half over, and the average temperatures may be dropping – but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and experience those late-summer festivals in Edmonton and area with the kids. 

Here are five August festivals to explore near Edmonton this month 

Edmonton International Fringe Festival | August 15
We exist because theatre exists, and what exists here during the 11 days of the Festival doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. We are Edmonton-grown and Edmonton-owned, and the vibrant success of Fringe is thanks to the more than 38,000 artists who have bravely taken an artistic risk with us since the Festival exploded onto the scene in 1982.

Dragon Boat Festival at Telford Lake | August 16 
Each dragon boat is led by a drummer who produces a rhythmic drum beat, or the boat’s “heartbeat”, which keeps the paddlers in sync as they battle neck-and-neck with their rivals. The boats which participate in the competitions are long wooden boats with bows  shaped as dragon figures according to ancient Chinese tradition. Teams take great pride in decorating their dragon boats to intimidate the competition. Pick your favourite team early and cheer them on right to the finish.

Open Farm Days | August 17
Alberta Open Farm Days is a province wide open house Alberta Open Farm Days is about farmersand ranchers inviting their urban and rural neighbors to stop in for a visit to share stories, see demonstrations, and learn more about the farmers who grow their food.Website

The Water Lantern Festival | August 31 
Water Lantern Festival in Edmonton. Experience the magic of thousands of lanterns as they reflect upon on the water. Tickets are on sale for the Water Lantern Festival – Don’t miss this increble experience that’s suitable for the whole family. 

Which festivals are you most looking forward to during the last month of summer?