5 Edmonton Kids Birthday Parties that Bring the Entertainment to You

Wanistay Ranch Alpaca Parties

What kid doesn’t want to lead an alpaca around the backyard? From pony rides to alpaca parties, and other special visitors, you can experience a animal party, for your children with Wanistay Ranch.
Cost: $250

The Adventure Bus

The Adventure Bus is a full sized school bus that has been converted into a mini gym – brought directly to your location. All activities take place inside the Adventure Bus and no transportation of participants is involved.  The Bus is equipped with a large variety of FUN equipment including: zip line, monkey bars, rock climbing wall, mini-trampoline, rings, bean bags, ribbons, climbing rope, balance beam, mats, shapes, parachutes, tunnels, hoops, etc.
Cost: $240-380

I-Play Game Theatre

The  Mobile Video Game Theatres provides the ultimate gaming experience right at your front door in our luxury limo style theatre! Our amazing video game trucks bring the perfect no-mess, no-stress birthday party experience that will make you the coolest parent on the planet.
Cost: $299-329


In a typical show, Jeffrey arrives a half hour into your home, business, restaurant or hall prior to showtime to properly “set-up” as there is a lot of magic involved.  Then just before the show starts, Jeffrey takes the birthday child aside with their Mother and/or Father and teaches them a simple but amazing magic trick that they will do in front of their friends.
Cost: $199-249

Wanistay Ranch Bunny Party

Bunnies, as far as the eye can see – and there’s chickens too. Wanistay Ranch has bunny parties where they’ll bring a crate full of bunnies to snuggle and play with, a perfect cold weather, so you’re hosting indoors, party. The bunnies are friendly – and the chickens are too!
Cost: $250