7 Sports to Keep Your Family Busy this Summer

As temperatures rise, our will to hit the gym or play sports falls significantly. Let’s be real; who has the time to think of sports when it is scorching hot outside? Understandably, you might not want to be profusely sweating all the time, and playing a sport when it is incredibly hot is not exactly fun. However, there are some amazing summer sports that can help you get your daily fill of exercise and cool down at the same time.

So, if you are interested in staying fit and having fun, keep on reading to find out the top 7 sports you should try this summer.


Without a doubt, swimming is the ultimate summer sport. Whether you prefer to hit the pool or the beach, swimming can help you stay fit and fight the summer heat in the process. If you are already a good swimmer and want to add some challenge to your routine, then you can hit the beach and have some fun with the ocean waves. On the other hand, you’d better stick to the pool and stay safe if you are not a confident swimmer. Even if you are the kind of person who can drown in a puddle of water, you should certainly sign up for swimming classes and cross learning it off your bucket list.


We can totally hear you muttering about how golf is a rich people’s sport! Yet, this is just a misconception that the stereotypical image of golfers in movies has spread. What’s fun about golf is that it is pretty easy to get into once you know its rules. To unlock the true potential of golf, you need to get some equipment like clubs, rangefinders, and tees first.

Based on this useful guide, rangefinders are one of the most important tools for any golfer. A rangefinder can help you calculate the distance between your current position and the hole, helping you perfect your aim. So, even if you are a beginner, you can master golf in no time. Just make sure that the equipment you get is durable to avoid wasting money.


Cycling is one of the most underrated activities since some people do not think it is a real sport. If you are one of these people, then you are definitely wrong! In addition to its many health benefits, cycling is actually an Olympic sport. This is why you should give cycling a try. Simply bring your bike and cycle through parks with your friends. Not only will this help you stay fit, but it also counts as a social activity.


Do you want a sport that does not require any equipment? Well, nothing fits this bill more than good old running! Running can help strengthen your hamstrings, buttocks, and core muscles. Not only this, but it also enhances your stamina. To reap all the benefits of running, you can use mobile apps to track your running distance. This way, you can achieve your fitness goals in no time.

Soap Football

Everyone is already sick of traditional football, so what about a more fun version of this timeless sport? Soap football is a crazy fun variation of standard football. While both have the same rules, soap football is not played in a field. The playground of soap football resembles inflatable pools and its ground is covered with a thin layer of soapy water. The result? A lot of slippery fun! Just be careful if you are playing with your kids because it can get messy quickly.

Beach Volleyball

Universally loved by many, beach volleyball is the perfect summer pastime activity. Instead of simply sunbathing, why not use your time at the beach to burn some calories? Beach volleyball generally involves two teams, and each team consists of two players. The rules are very simple; your objective is to send the ball over the net and make sure that the other team does not catch it before it hits the ground. It does not get any simpler than that!

Muggle Quidditch

No, we are not pulling your leg; muggle quidditch has been around since 2005. Based on the beloved Harry Potter game, muggle quidditch consists of two teams of at least seven players each. The players then compete to score goals by getting the quaffle (a volleyball in this case) into the opposing team’s hoops. The players can thwart the efforts of the other team by hitting its players with bludgers (dodgeball). Because there are no flying balls in muggle quidditch, the snitch in this game is a small tennis ball that a neutral person hangs from their shorts. The snitch keeper runs around the field, trying to prevent both teams from getting the tennis ball. When the snitch is caught, the match automatically ends and the team that has caught it is awarded 30 points.

Whether you prefer to stay inside in summer or be out and about, you cannot ignore the importance of getting your daily dose of exercise. From traditional sports like running to more innovative ones like muggle quidditch or soap football, you can certainly find one that you like. So, don’t let the heat win! Gather your friends and try these sports together.