Edmonton Corn Maze

Edmonton Corn Maze Opens for the Season on July 28

The team at Edmonton Corn Maze have been hard at work getting the farm ready to welcome visitors for their 20th season! The corn maze design has been cut into the field and is growing taller everyday and working on the fun activities on the farm, determining what the activities are going to look like when the corn maze re-opens.

The corn maze is a staple of fun entertainment in Edmonton area with kids. Trying to find your way out of the maze while surrounded by the giant stalks of corn is one the rites of passage our kids look forward to, every summer.

Edmonton Corn Maze Opens July 28

This year, there are a few changes that will happen around the corn maze when you visit. There will be a capped amount of guests that can visit the maze last one time, timed ticketing and enforcement of social distancing at the farm. Staff are working hard to put those measures into place to keep families visiting the maze safe. Similar to an playground, the maze is one of those visits that we’ll make this summer with our kids!

We’re so happy to see outdoor activities opening up again, as we’ve been spending more and more time outdoors this year, and it just feels like so much less of a risk when we’re searching for activities to experience with the kids.

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